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dkellis: I couldn't resist with the picture. Feel free to replace it with something more appropriate if you wish.

Citizen: Looking at that picture of Anime Tenchou, I felt myself suddenly become just a little bit manlier. Swapping the current frame with one where he's being hosed.
Charred Knight: Would a Norse Berserker be a real life example?

Uknown Troper: Well, this trope runs hand in hand with the more heroic kind of berserker, so possibly. Keep in mind that berserkers were usually rather normal (for a certain value of 'normal' — they were rather pesciesque) when not fighting, though.

Nerdorama: I'd say The Power of Love is the strongest non-Ideon force in Super Robot Wars. After all, Ai (Love) gives a bunch of other status bonuses on top of Valor/Hot Blood. Plus, all the combo attacks are powered by Love, Teamwork, or Ho Yay.

Pika Hikari KT: JAM Project makes mention of it in "GONG". As if the group itself weren't hotblooded enough, let alone individually.;)

Charred Knight: Schizo Technician watch G Gundam then tell me that Kamina somehow trumps the zaniness of Domon's quotes in only the few episodes his in. Also if I remember right Simon merely gives quotes from Kamina. If Gai or Kamina had lived the entire series they may have challenged Domon but since they died early on, Domon is more Hot-Blooded.

Schizo Technician: Kamina trumps Domon for sheer effectiveness, if nothing else. Domon has the whole "inner peace and feelings of love work better" thing going- and for nothing but a powerup- wheras Kamina fuels the entire giant robot with it. Plus, Domon spends half of his time complaining about the raw deal life gave him, dead family etc.. Kamina spent maybe five minutes having a Freak Out! about his dead dad, and was 100% hot blood, as opposed to Domon's maybe 75% hot blood. Even if Domon was hotter when he burned, which he wasn't, Kamina was burning the whole time. Also, keep in mind that Domon had his hand held the entire way, taking the robots others give him, learning others' techniques, etc. Kamina's moves were his and his alone, and when he saw an enemy robot he liked, he COMANDEERED THE BLOODY THING. Didn't rely on anything but his own hot blood to keep him warm. And, of course, as for Simon, I really shouldn't have to remind you about the last episode and what he did with Spiral Energy, which is basically Hot Blood with a different name.

Charred Knight: I didn't ask who was the most Hot-Blooded that wasn't what the edit was talking about, the thing in question is who is able to make the cheesy quotes badass. While Kamina was quite good at this, Simn generally just made the same quotes Kamina gave.

Charred Knight: Why the hell is Tenchou getting cum all over him?

Socran: In a less sexual manner, yes, who the hell screwed up that hotblooded picture by Photoshopping in a fire hose? Think you can hide behind your IP address? I'm gonna fix it if I can figure out how, but I'm bad with Wikis so I may need one of you guys to fix it if you still see it up there.

Charred Knight: Citizen did it

Citizen: The hell? That's not a photoshop, that happens in the anime. It's in the AMV I linked to at the top, too. I reflexively reverted it when I saw that an UT changed it back, then I see this. Firehose, Charred. Firehose.
Azula isn't Hot-Blooded...she's far too calm and manipulative

  • Rush Limbaugh claims his original intent was not to start a politcal show, but to merely talk about something that interested him, believing that if you are passionate about what you talk about, people will listen. It's unlikely he'd have the same audience size if talking passionately about cigars, but his passionate discourse on politics has made him the most listened to show in the United States.


Citizen: *mentally transplants Limbaugh into Gurren Lagann* ... ... *twitch*
HeartBurn Kid: What I want to know is, what happened to the Foreigner reference?

Filby: Took out the Foreigner quote as, title aside, it has nothing to do with the article.

Don Quigleone: I just have to say that this is my favourite page on the wiki, it is Made of Win, I'm thoroughly proud of it.

Chad-Steiger: I'm confused. In japanese anime why is it heroic to shout like a lunatic? It seems to me that Hot-Blooded is japanese for "Shout Like A Lunitic And Give Yourself A Stroke In The Process.".
Callix: I'm worried about the D&D example. It's a bit nitpicky, but it's factually incorrect. Iron Heart Surge is a maneuver, and you must be able to move to initiate a maneuver. Since being paralysed prevents all movement, you technically cannot use Iron Heart Surge to escape Hold Person, or many similar effects, as you cannot take the action to use IHS. Then again, the rest of the wording's not much better...

Copper Alloy: Isn't the Viral quote at the beginning a little bit of a spoiler? People who have even watched a few episodes past the Time Skip (More than ahlf the series) would be spoiled on what happens next. Namely, his Heel–Face Turn.

Sparkysharps:...Zuko is Hot-Blooded? Either I seriously need to rewatch that show (which, admittedly, might be true as I generally ignored Zuko's angst in favor of the snarky awesomeness of Toph and Sokka), or somebody's confused about what what Hot-Blooded actually means (hint: Hot-Blooded =/= Determinator. It's why they're different tropes). Can anyone confirm if I actually am missing something here?