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Ununnilium: IMHO, it's not worth categorizing if there's only one in each category.

Meta Four: Removed the second Hellboy film example, because it doesn't really fit. Rasputin wasn't killed by the Behemoth; he was killed by Hellboy stabbing him in the stomach. The Behemoth had been incubating inside Rasputin ever since Isla and Kroenen brought him back; Hellboy killing Rasputin simply allowed it to escape.
BritBllt: Removing the Silent Hill examples, since none of them are literally true. The Pyramid Heads intentionally kill themselves with their own knives, but that's not ironic, it's just suicide. Dahlia only counts in the same way that Frankenstein or any other mad scientist who's killed by his unleashed monster might count, which is to say not much. Neither Vincent nor Andrew count at all: they were killed by their enemies, and merely having an enemy doesn't fall under this trope.