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I know of at least one computer game, Wizardry Gold (an installation in the D&D inspired Wizardry series) that did allow the player to input their own dialogue, and the NP Cs would respond to it. The game is actually quite old, but the ability of the computer to come up with a reasonable response was actually fairly good. The problems in this case were that it made the game extremely difficult, since it was often hard to think of something appropriate to say, and it was even harder to give NP Cs distinct personalities with which they could respond.
Related trope idea: games and possibly old cartoons where all the characters are mimes, and where the story is told entirely through visuals instead of text/dialog. The original Sonic the Hedgehog series, the intro to Super Mario World, Another World and LEGO Star Wars are all examples. —Document N
Bob Restored the Zero Punctuation quote since no justification was given for cutting it.

"Ever since the Doom marine first grimaced his way up Satan's arse, First-Person Shooters have been defined by the faceless, voiceless dorks that tread on their first-aid kits. One could almost say that each era of gaming is defined by its anonymous, taciturn underdogs if one wanted to sound like a twat."
-Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw

Does Kirby count? He never talks in his games.

Okay, this is not a video game which is why I'm checking before adding but Gone-Away World, a novel by Nick Harkaway features an entire troupe of heroic mimes. Literally. If not here, where?