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Citizen: I so very much wanted to add the below picture to this entry, but it really would be better off with a Claymore picture, so I'll find one of that later.
Ununnilium: Taking this out, because it's not an interesting exception:
  • Exception: Evangelion, when Shinji Ikari goes berserk, his eyes remain perfectly normal.

Fly: Solid Snake has slit pupils in the GameCube remake of Metal Gear Solid. However, they only appear in that particular game and he's not terribly evil despite the violence supposedly latent in his genes. Er, wut?
The popular "evil eyes" in the last few years have been solid black eyes, no whites at all. This seems to be turning into a trope all of its own, and I'm thinking about making a new trope page for it. Any thoughts? - Dex X

I support this idea. I might even suggest ranking it above Glowing Eyes of Doom, since in my experience, solid black eyes signify not only malevolent intent, but awesome destructive power. - Meshakhad