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The Heart Thingy launched as HeartSymbolDiscussion: From YKTTW

Floating Hearts launched as HeartSymbolDiscussion: From YKTTW

Working Title: Floating Hearts: From YKTTW

Morgan Wick: I'm not getting the lampshaded subversion in the Sluggy Freelance example. Wait, now I get it... it's not exactly a lampshade in the TV Tropes sense, though...

Big T: Well, I don't get it at all. There is no hint that a heart symbol is coming, so it isn't a subversion. And if the trope doesn't even get subverted, it can't get lampshaded. I'm hoping that the link is broken, and points to the wrong strip.
  • Also parodied as a T-shirt; I [aeroplane symbol] NY.
Screw that six different ways. Yes, the thing exists. No, we don't have to dignify it with a mention.