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Haven: In my mind, this tops Bee Bee Gun in the "trope with improbable number of examples" arena. Wow. Would it be terrible to put scalpels as a Truth in Television example? Or the idea of using leeches in medicine as an Oldest Ones in the Book Truth in Television example?

Nornagest: Cut the following —

* A disturbing inversion appears in the Drizzt Do'Urden novels. The assassin Artemis Entreri has a rather gaudily jeweled dagger. If he keeps it in, he can suck the life force right out of anyone he stabs, to heal himself. This is simpiric to the Vampiric Regeneration ability, and it's not all that uncommon in the D&D setting where the novels take place, but where vampiric regeneration heals you a little bit every time you hit someone, with this one you stab once adn the dagger does its dirty work until you're healed or the blade is removed.

That ain't this.

Errick: Does the Reconstructor from Red Faction: Guerrilla count as a healing shiv? It doesn't heal players, but its only purpose is to repair buildings damaged in multiplayer modes which center around destroying each other's buildings.