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Nornagest: Cut the following, rewrote the Stealth Parody note, and removed a number of annoying potshots at the same subject from the other examples:

  • Kurt Vonnegut, a known socialist, wrote the story to satirize Cold War era American conceptions of "equality". If a reader never read anything else by Vonnegut or knew about his political views then the satire is not as apparent)
    • It isn't even appearant to people who read all of Vonnegut's work, or to Vonnegut himself. In 2005, the book was quoted in a court case referring to capping taxes in a school system, he later wrote back to them that they missed the point NOT because the thing was actually a parody, but because the story was referring to intellegence and talent, and not wealth.
      • ...So, it's ok to have uneven return for intelligence and talent — same money regardless of any differences — thus removing any real motivation to develop either except for self-amusement?
      • You never do anything with your intelligence and talent unless you get paid for it? Huh. This troper could have sworn he knows numerous examples of works of art and scientific inventions that were not created for monetary gain. Not to mention databases of information. Like the one you're reading right now.

I don't particularly care which interpretation we take, but the wiki is not meant to be used to attack critical theories you don't like. Particularly not in Thread Mode.