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Scrounge: I think this stems from the distinct lack of same-gender fraternal twins in fiction. Since there's really no point to making them twins at all if they don't fulfill the Twin Tropes, we get this.

YYZ: Even weirder are the occasional same-sex siblings who, despite being born years apart, bear a startling resemblance to one another. (I'm thinking of Thyra and Fennimore from Tales of Legendia at this point; Thyra's supposedly the younger sister, but the programmers reused all of Fenimore's art for her.)

Jisu: And then there are mirror-image twins, like Caren and Noel from Pichi Pichi Pitch, who, if you swap out the colours and straighten Noel's hair a bit, look like flipped images of one another. Even their Magical Girl outfits are the same, with the trim on the other side.

Ununnilium: Mirror-image twins actually exist in RL.

Noaqiyeum: Same-gender, non-mirror-image fraternal twins are main characters in The Dreamland Chronicles. (
Kilyle: Twins aside, the Half Identical Pairs bit is kinda odd. Not that it's uncommon, especially in anime; set aside the common crossdressing plots and you still have numerous characters who could pass for the opposite gender (many voiced by the opposite gender of seiyuu). It's the style of animation, and isn't so easy in Western productions; e.g., they did have to fudge Mulan's facial features to make her look like a boy.

But as I was once considering a film adaptation of Prince Camaralzaman and Princess Badoura (from the 1001 Nights), I discussed the storyline with my theatre class. A plot point hinges on how the Prince and the Princess look almost identical, and the Princess convinces quite a few people that she's the Prince. My friend asked if the Prince were supposed to be feminine, or the girl ugly. And then he turned to a (bearded) classmate and asked, "Would you marry a girl who looked like you?"

Do we have any real life examples of this trope?

Different-gender twins who look similar enough can pass for each other before, or during early, puberty... but then, so can siblings with a narrow age gap.

Olsen twins, but they're same-gender.

arromdee: On the subject of whether the Olsen twins are fraternal, I Googled up this:

And it's not like they'd have any way to figure out that they're fraternal, unless they have different blood types or something like that.

Anaheyla: The one on the left is the chick and the one on the right is the dude.

Mac Fluffers: I put down Tsukasa and Kagamin from Lucky Star on the list of examples as a subversion, but after reading more of the examples, I'm not sure if it belongs. Is this trope exclusively for brother-sister twins? I feel that it should also apply to fraternal same-sex twins as well, but that's not the vibe I'm getting.

Actually, now that I've been reading over the examples, I took down the Lucky Star example, and I think that the Candy Boy example should be taken off as well. So far, the Candy Boy example is the only same sex one on the list. However, I'll try to wait for another opinion before I do it.