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Goldfritha: This trope is about blond hair as a short-handed for a specific kind of character. I have therefore removed the comic Blondie and the doll Barbie, which both have blond hair but don't use it as a short hand for this.

Zordauch: A couple things on the Disney Cinderella. (A) What exactly does "titian" mean? The only other place I saw that used was describing Pippi Longstocking in the Swedish/German film adaptation, which I might describe as a kind of coppery-blonde. By contrast, in my Platinum edition DVD, Cinderella's hair has the faintest red tint to it, but nowhere near as yellow as The Merch. (B) Unrelated to the hair, but this same Platinum edition still has Cindy's dress as silver, not the blue seen on all the toys. I guess my real question is "Which version does this 'purist' editor have that is so radically different from the original?"