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  • Deuxhero:I don't know how to do Haiku, so I won't bother (it is the talk page). I want to note that the laconic page for Twilight is a Haiku.

Insanity Prelude: Seriously, you guys? Seriously? Are you going to start cutting the rest of the Just for Fun pages for "not being what this wiki is for" too, next?

Freezair For A Limited Time:
Haiku are classic;
Art as well as wittiness.
In other words: Us.

Mr Death: Inkblot, this is really getting ridiculous. Can you please stop trying to stamp out every little bit of fun that people are trying to have on the wiki?

alliterator: Yeah, we have a ton of Just for Fun pages, so I don't see why this is should be cut.

Inkblot: If someone doesn't give a reason for why this page should exist that isn't "It's Just for Fun" (which is quickly becoming the new We Are Not Wikipedia), I'm cutting it again. To me, the Laconic Wiki makes a Haiku Wiki redundant, and seperate wikis should only be made for stuff that's actually useful. Maybe we could make this a forum game.

Jordan: Well, people did put work into the haikus and I could theoretically see someone sharing them with others as being an apropos summary of a work.

Inkblot: I know. I love the idea, but I just don't see why these haikus can't stay in the forums.

Mr Death: A better question is why can't they stay on here? Is there a reason they shouldn't be on the wiki itself, besides "doesn't seem to have a point"? This isn't wikipedia. This is supposed to be a laid back, fun place to be. Everything doesn't have to have any point beyond, "Hey, this is sorta cool," so long as it's done well and people are enjoying it. Doesn't the fact that every cut you suggest for a Just for Fun page is rejected sorta speak for itself? Go ahead and put it back on the cutlist, and it'll get rejected again.

Haiku cleanse the soul
What better reason is there?
Haiku Wiki loves you!