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Working Title: Grievous Harm With A Body: From YKTTW

Pyrite: How do I make this entry appear in the indexes? I've entered it in the appropriate indexes and put links at the bottom of the page, but the index's Next and Previous entry fields still have that "@" sign. Assistance would be appreciated.
  • EDIT: Never mind, figured it out.

That Other 1 Dude: Is there a reason that thing from Gurren Lagann was removed? The other edits suggest you though it fell under Fastball Special, but that's not what it was (that also happens in Gurren Lagann, but on completely different occasions)

Pyrite: Apologies, I got too trigger-happy with the edits. The flinging of involuntary bodies is now included in this trope rather than in Fastball Special. The previous deleted entries have also been returned.