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Red Shoe: Probably too tangential for the main article, but John De Lancie has gone on record as thinking that Q's Gazoo traits were something of a Flanderization: the character was originally envisioned as your standard evil Sufficiently Advanced Alien, and was eventually softened into, in his words "Picard's Wacky Uncle with God-like powers".

Semiapies: Well, he definitely went from sinister to comical, but he was always erratic and flamboyant.

Ununnilium: I liked him better that way, frankly. `` Sufficiently Advanced Aliens were a dime a dozen in the Trek Verse, so it's good to see one that at least had fun with it.

Seth Im far too tempted to say "Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell'' tell me some of the things he pulled off weren't magic.

Big T: Particularly the fact that he could stop time!

Johnny E: Why does this have a redirect named after a one-shot Simpsons gag parodying the character the trope is named after? He didn't even do anything!
  • Oh I see, it's the original name. Still, it only has one link - cutlist?