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Gratuitous German launched as Gratuitous German: From YKTTW

Working Title: Gratuitous German: From YKTTW

Dark Soldier: The interesting thing about German is that no matter what you're saying, it always sounds threatening. I want to learn a couple of random phrases, I don't care what they are, and shout them whenever I'm frustrated or confronted. The panic and/or confusion they'll generate would be priceless.

German Troper: In all fairness, this is mostly because of Hitler-esque shouting said phrases. Germans on american/british TV seldomly speak like real germans.

Unknown Troper: We also have a name for that trope — Everything Sounds Sexier in French.

Mark Z: Removed several non-examples that just gave the title of a series with no explanation. Kept the ones where the title itself was in Gratuitous German.

Night Stalker: Should series/episodes actually taking place in Germany with actual Germans count as "gratuitous"?

OJ: I would say yes if the German comes as random phrases like Gratuitous Japanese. Such as any war comics with German soldiers talking in English and then shouting things like "Donnerwetter! Die Tommys sind hier! Himmel! AAAARGH!"

Vampire Buddha: I removed this bit because it's not really relevant.
That's because most of them are derived from the Gespenst line. The Gespensts compete with the other line of Real Robots, the Lions. Most modified Gespensts are Super Prototype units (Alt Eisen (Riese/Nacht), (Rein) Weiss Ritter (Abend), the Wild series and so on), whereas most modified Lions go on to be, er, enemy grunts that are slightly more powerful than normal Lions (or, in the case of Leona's Lion, quite a bit more powerful). Basically, there are two kinds of Real Robot lines, one German-named and one not, and many of your Real units are normal or modified Gespensts.

Zelnor FYI, the translation in the caption is correct, apart from the desu - though "Drachen" can mean both Dragon or Kite. It's probably humorous and I just didn't get the joke.

Vampire Buddha: I posted that picture in YKTTW as an example. Fawriel came up with the translation.

This article needs to be better organized and have all the manga/anime put in one category, films in another, it's all mixed up in this. That way I can skip all he anime as usual and not have to search it for film etc. examples

bluepenguin: Does the "Japanese adopting 'arbeit'" thing really count? I mean, that's just a standard loan word situation. Should we be listing "schadenfreude" etc. in that section as well? Is it really "gratuitous" if the language borrowing the word didn't have a term for the concept before?
  • I would say no, I wouldn't count loan words as gratuitous