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Silent Hunter: I meant 50 minimum, not 50 maximum.

I feel like something should be said about the common suspicion that this is at least half because older celebrities are only photographed with massive amounts of cosmetic work. —Document N

  • Lynda Carter

Because she was listed twice.
Elanorea: Am I the only one who feels that inserting examples of characters who are Really 700 Years Old is a bit cheap? I thought this trope was supposed to be about people who age well, not people who don't age at all. ______
  • Yuen Biao????????? WHO LISTED HER??!!!!!!!! I didn't knew 'bout her 'till I saw her in this list but that's ok, I aint 'cussing notability here, what I'm 'cussing is whether the example really applies... Above me Elanorea (Or Eleanora misspelled? mmm... nevermind) poised the postulate that this trope is 'bout people who age well, not people who don't age at all and refered the RSHYO trope... unlike her I guess this trope is the "mostly real" or "realistic" counterpart to the "mostly fictional" or "fantasious" trope of RSHYO, thus any person who is a grandparent (or at least old enough to be one... that's... what? 36 years old pulling a stretch? or 45 making it borderline stretchy? or 54 years old for legal reasons?) in real life can be accepted in here as long as, whether they seem their age or not, people not their age or nearby finds them hot and beautiful... But then, someone places Yuen Biao as an example... It makes me think gerontophilia could make people appear here just because someone posted them... And don't take me wrong, I can't say Yuen Biao is horrible, but... I can't say that of a tiger either and I have no intention of doing a tiger either, likewise there are many beautiful landscapes out there, but no matter what people behind the landscape porn trope said I have no intention to do a landscape (which would be like... what? jerking to the setting sun?) so I'm saying that Yuen Biao aint ugly, she aint hollywood homely either, but she is not sexually attractive, her beauty is thus not the kind of beauty this is about, don't ya think? Or soon someone will start using pics of beautiful old turtles... But, who am I to judge what is gerontophilia and what aint? Anyway, I do not pretend to be the last judge but, how can this be handled? Pranksters can easily end adding The Old Lady from Babar just for laughs...
    • pd; probably links to pictorial examples would be good in every case and fictional cases must be valid in world... Dohko for example fits better in the RSHYO trope 'cause no one would have expected a mortal to live as much as he did, dispite his 18 years old appearance beneath the miniature elder appearance being Anime Average Hots (yeah, I dunno that's a non-existant trope but, something must counter the Hollywood Homely? I mean most anime characters look like idealistic esthetics inked into existance, but... Can they in-world stand-out enough to be so?).
    • Elanorea: I don't really get what you're saying here, are you agreeing with me or not? My point is that it feels a bit cheap to list elves/vampires/other long-lived mystical creatures (who really shouldn't be judged by human ageing standards anyway), people who have been cryogenically frozen or otherwise artificially prevented from ageing, etc. IMHO this trope should be about older people who look their age but are attractive anyway. Not Edward Cullen, Galadriel, Chibiusa or Philip J. Fry. As for the Yuen Biao thing, I have no idea what you're talking about, but as there seems to be no mention of Yuen Biao on the page, it must've been removed already. (And no, my username is not a misspelling of Eleanora, believe it or not. I actually came up with it by taking "Elanor" and adding "ea". Yeah, I know it sounds stupid, but I've been using it for ages now.)

Ouroboros: Am I the only one that finds the picture unattractive?
  • Me; Yeah, that was my point, it is plain disgusting!

Took out:

Any of the vampires from Being Human. Mitchel's former sweetheart could also count.

Because even though I haven't seen that much of the series, unless they were turned into vampires in their old age, someone didn't read the bold print at the top of the page.