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Should this example be removed?

  • Karma Houdini: Jenny Humphrey. Over the course of the show she has stolen a custom made high fashion dress, hijacked a society award ceremony (honoring Bart effin Bass!), gone behind her father's back numerous times, neglected her job with Eleanor Waldorf and then chewed her boss out, and egged her only real friend's boyfriend. To mention a few. So far, she has gotten by pretty much without a single scratch.

Jenny Humphrey is a Karma Houdini? Aside from being ostracized and bullied at school, suffering several occasions of Disproportionate Retribution from Blair, being taken advantage of while being overworked by a thankless Eleanor Waldorf, being punished while being given hypocritical lectures by her uncompromising father who later tries to have her arrested, having her fashion line set on fire and being kicked out of her friend's place and left homeless...

  • (Rhi) I agree, I don't think Jenny quite fits this trope. She's paid for most of the wrong she's done, be that immediately or further down the line. Not to mention that for the final point, the feud with Eric does really seem to be getting her down based on what we've seen, and not just because he's in her way. Will remove after this edit.

While I'm here, something that's been bugging me for a while. Does it count as The Cast Showoff if the actor's performance isn't on screen but in the soundtrack? Or is there a trope for that I've missed? I'm thinking the use of The Filthy Youth's (Ed Westwick's band's) music in School Lies as well as Good Girls Go Bad (which Leighton Meester sings on) in Season Three. Just wondered if that would count as a form of The Cast Showoff since it's showcasing an actor's other talents, just in a more subtle way than usual.