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  • Spongebob Squarepants? and Patrick use "Tartar Sauce" and "Fish Sticks" as their favored exclamations. I guess to a fish tartar sauce would be pretty shocking.

Moved to Unusual Euphemism, since that's what is.

  • In The Simpsons, for instance, the words 'hell' and 'damn' are treated as fairly shocking, as opposed to their real-life status as neutered terms which donít have any effect outside of religious families.

I'm not totally buying this. After all, Bart is only 10 years old. When the show first aired, anyway, I don't think most 10-year-olds used profanity (even this mild) within earshot of their parents (or teachers).

Ununnilium: Agreed. Mind, they do *use* it, just not in front of adults. I wouldn't say they're neutered quite yet.

TravisWells: Removed several examples which belonged on Unusual Euphemism so much that they were already there. I don't know about the Recess one, it might be borderline (cause of the Dang thing). If not, someone who knows what the Unusual Euphemism is can stick it on Unusual Euphemism.

Travis Wells: Whoops... it is there. Removed.

Shire Nomad: Pulled this one, since PG movies have used curses far worse than "hell" for some time. (Watch the original Back to the Future sometime. "When this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're going to see some serious shit.")
  • Exception: The PG-rated movie Night At The Museum uses "Hell" outright, though not as swearing.

Trouser Wearing Barbarian: It might be worth noting that the G and PG ratings have become a lot more restrictive content-wise over the years. Back to the Future would, without question, get a PG-13 rating if it came out today. (Conversely, PG-13 and R have become more permissive, except for the latter when it comes to nudity.)
Since some of the main page entries seem confused: the Monkey Island series started out with no problem saying "hell". The first game had "the hot winds of Hell blowing in your face" and "Somehow I always knew there'd be mushrooms in Hell", to start with. —Document N

Andyroid: Removed this Dexter's Laboratory example, I've only heard the version of the episode where the gym coach says "What's this crap?", and I've never even heard of this version.
  • Massive subversion: In one Dexter's Laboratory episode (the one with the gym teacher who forces him to play dodgeball), Dexter puts his (forged) Gym Pass in front of the teacher and starts to walk away, only to hear (very clearly and loudly) "What the hell is this shit?"

Trouser Wearing Barbarian: The image isn't working.

I really think this needs a better title. I propose Curse Deflation, leaving Gosh Dang It to be about about swear-word substitutes that are blatantly silly and possible made up on the spot (and not used by old people, future people or fictional cultures). Right now we have those under Unusual Euphemism, when it's a stretch to even call them that. —Document N

What about Black Library's standing policy that 'Everything below 'fuck' is alright'? I swear I've read several novels (Horus Heresy, Ciaphas Cain, Last Chancers) in which 'frak' (or something similar) is on every other page, but I've seen 'shit' quite frequently in the Eisenhorn novels?