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Hi, I'm Seth and i approve of this trope

Seth:All we need is alternate examples of the fu man chu one and the O-Beard-Wan

>>Later: Okay thats a few more examples, anyone who can think of O Beard Wan examples step up.

Earnest: Thanks for the picture, it's priceless. :D

Seeing Dumbledore, I'm actually thinking he, Gandalf, and other wizened wizards should have their own super long beard category. That would leave Obiwan more as an action hero/mentor beard. Thoughts?

Also, "O-Beard-Wan"?

Seth: The wise wizzard beard?

Jisu: Hey, Corrector Yui had a short fluffy bob.

Ununnilium: "their races hat is a violent war like nature." ...This doesn't seem to have anything to do with Ra's.

Seth: It was for the Klingon, a violent warlike race with a villainous hairstyle.

Random passerby here. I feel like Hallelujah/Allelujah of Gundam 00 deserves a mention, since his hair changes parting and covers the other eye whenever he switches between his good and evil personalities. I just don't know where it'd fit in this article. Oh, Gundam.

Earnest: Hmm... a sub entry on how using hair to cover your eye(s) is evil would work, then just say he does it as part of an Evil Makeover when his personality switches.

Chris: There's also the fact that villains tend to have slicked-back rather than ruffled-up hairstyles. I don't know if this is consistent enough to make a part of the trope, but I submit as examples: There are more, if you want me to dig them up. Actually, it's kind of fun to look for them.

macroscopic: Removed "Subverted in Batman Begins; the fake Ra's has a Fu Manchu." from the Ra's Al Ghoul entry. Not a subversion but Ra's is still listed as a straight example. (edit: much more comfortable cutting bad entries these days)