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Adonic Meki: Where did this trope's name come from?

Osh: Just a made up word a friend thought of once to describe something vaguely misshape and ogrish.

Adonic Meki: I was just reading through this trope again, and I think it doesn't mean what I thought it meant... the first paragraph makes it sound like the trope is the tendency in anime for all characters to be really good-looking. But I think I just realized it's actually referring specifically to the characters who are intentionally made to not be good-looking. It could use a bit of a rewrite to make it clear that that's what the trope is talking about. And perhaps someone with a better head for trope names than I could come up with a name for said tendency of all anime characters to be really good-looking, because that happens in every anime series, basically.

Gus: Well, if we're making up a term for an uglified character, maybe something other than gonk could be supplied. The word means something already in hackinese (definition).

Janitor Pulled out "A Gonk, done deliberately bad, in the anime Pani Poni Dash!", until we can put together something that will allow a caption for an image to act like a caption.

Kendra Kirai: If you say so. You did the resizing too, I figure? I've been trying to size 'em, but it's tough to get 'em sized properly while keeping the aspect ratio, yet STILL being visible. My Milfy picture from The Ditz suffered *bad* from being microtized.

Fast Eddie: Pulled ...
  • "D" in Project A-ko looks basically like Arnold Schwarzennegger in a seifuku.
    • Actually, that was Mari. D was the one in a bikini.
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