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Morgan Wick: Mister Six, you actually have to launch the discussion if it's there, unless you just were wondering why this page didn't have a YKTTW link.

Mister Six: I don't understand. :(

Morgan Wick: You created this discussion page with nothing but the words "From YKTTW". What was that about?

Mister Six: Oh, right. I didn't know how to do that linking thing, so I thought that was the next best option. Wiki Magic and all that.

Romanticide: Does Gonzalo Guerrero count as an example of truth in television?


Cassy I removed:

Real Life
  • Adolf Hitler first went into a meeting of what would become the Nazi Party because he was working as a spy for the army and was ordered to do so. He left agreeing with their ideas.

This hardly has anything to do with "going Native." Nazism was largely about how to find a 'glorious past' in Germanic legends and reconcile this past with the high technologies of the time and even develop technologies even further to make Germany a powerful empire. Even as we hate to admit it now, many technological advances in photography, filming, computer sciences, civil engineering, etc date back from when Hitler came to power -on top of technologies of war and destruction of course... Speaking of "going Native," the concentration camps were based on the reserves on which Canada and the USA have been 'parking' their Native populations... Hitler admired America's system of crushing many populations through unequal fight and adapted the reserve system into the concentration and death camps. In this light, I don't think we can call it "going Native" at all.