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Gemmifer: Hm... I tried to make this article less "I blame patriarchy." but now it sounds exactly like what it is. Two people with different ideas writing. Anyone else want to give it a try?

Count Choculitis: *Shrug* Sometimes the patriarchy could use some blaming. I think it works fine as is.

das: Still seems rather grating to me; the way the text of the article is right now, it seems to imply that all the characters on this page are somehow products of 19th century sexism, which is ridiculous when you look at the actual examples, which basically have all the evil female monarchs regardless of any particular stereotypes thereof. Sadly I myself can't really come up with anything better than, "Like an evil king, only female", though that might be the most acceptably broad description.

Daibhid C: I notice there's a lot of "Queens of The Fair Folk" here; would it make sense to list them all as subheadings of the "Mythology" entry for Queen Mab?

This Trohper: Cutting this image ( due to massive Paper Mario 2 spoilers.

Mercuryin Retrograde: How is this not a subset of 'Aristocrats are Evil'? When you put this in combination with the 'High Queen' trope you get 'Queens are evil, except when they're not, just like Kings.'

deeman45: Is it just me, or does this article do a whole lot of meandering about sexist double-standards of real-world monarchies while making hardly any attempt to, y'know, inform the reader of how the trope is used in fiction.

Crowley: Mmmmmhhhm. Yes, the article is extremely bitter, oh so bitter. Anvilicious "OMG MENZ" tract for almost two thirds of the entire article. Earlier discussion *points up* noted the obnoxiousness of the article, but it seems nobody took up the request to rewrite it. Unfortunately, I can't do it either because my prose is awful. Some one who can write really needs to rewrite this.