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Eponymous Kid: Oh, come on, how does the Joker count if Rorschach doesn't?

The Uncredible Hallq: I admit to being a little conflicted here. Rorschach deviates in some ways from being stereotypically crazy: there's a strong sense of "the world is screwed up, and I must live my life in with this fact in mind." The Joker, I would not say fits this trope in all interpretations. Have you read The Killing Joke? There, Mr. J expresses a similar philosophy, but makes clear that his response to it is to consciously go crazy, rather than try to deal with it according to (an admittedly cynical and arguably twisted) logic the way Rorschach does. But yeah, there's a case to be made.

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Peanut: The laconic wiki for this sounds more like go among the mad people. I'm guessing it's linked wrong.
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* In Sailor Nothing, when Ami is turned into a flesh marionette by Dark General Argon, we are told of the "vacant stare of her complete insanity."

Nothing is being revealed here; she was simply tortured into insanity.
  • It is also stated that being forced to listen to Vogon poetry for any substantial length of time will more or less produce this effect (or, at the very least, inspire one to gnaw his or her own leg off). Oddly, Arthur Dent was completely unaffected.

Utterly wrong. Arthur is affected normally; he just has the wits to lie about his reaction afterwards. In the radio play both Ford and Arthur are screaming; in the books (and this was taken from the Literature section) Arthur is described like he's having some kind of silent seizure.
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  • In the Berserk manga, this is perhaps the most accurate definition of Casca's condition after the Eclipse, though it's less of a "revelation" that drove her insane than a horrific physical and possible mental violation at the hands of her former commander turned demonic god after getting the Naughty Tentacles treatment from a good number of other demons. The experience robbed her of her memory and left her unable to speak. Only time will tell if she will be able to recover.
    • No, no, no, no, NO. You're talking about Mind Rape. That's something completely different.

If it's not an example, it shouldn't just be explained why it's not an example, it should be not here.

  • In a classic Monty Python skit, if you hear or read the Funniest Joke in the World, you will immediately die laughing. Either an instance or a subversion of this trope, depending on your point of view.

It's neither; it's a Brown Note.

  • In Time Enough for Love, Lazarus Long went back to that planet maybe 1,000 years later and killed the aliens. For no apparent reason other than Humanity Is Superior. One of those Moral Dissonance moments.
    • If I recall correctly wasn't it that the non-advanced aliens on the planet were basically (sentient) cattle? I figure killing the 'farmers' would be a good thing to do (from a cows point of view anyway)....

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Not this trope (and not what eventually happened).

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  • Also Imposing Visage The old art was even done by Phil Foglio and was too horrible to be drawn.

That's clearly not supposed to be madness-inducing, just scary.