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Gus: Did a little reshaping, just because it felt like the lead was a bit buried.

RedBeardSean: What a wonderful wiki entry! If this is public domain, I'd like to send this entry verbatim as a reply to the email Glurge I find myself subjected to on a regular, almost daily basis. Glee!

Gus: Wiki text is as public-domain as it gets. ;-)

AugustDerleth: No, probably not. I know mine isn't.

Ununnilium: Hey, the corrected spelling of "although" in the middle of the sentence is copyright me! u.u

Guesss Who: I think there was a parody of this in one, Alice in Wonderland (the poison bottle) and two, Discworld (the match-girl).
Caswin: Is this Glurge or Tastes Like Diabetes? A lot of the examples seem less "heartstring-pulling dubious message" than "moralistic preachy and near-sickeningly sweet."
  • sun tzu: Seconded. If "Chicken Soup for the Soul" and "The Care Bears" are Glurge, then I apprently don't understand what Glurge is.
    • One definition that gets passed around is Chicken Soup for the Soul Gone Horribly Wrong. Nonetheless, there are a few entries formally citing some (repeat, some) Chicken Soup stories as bona-fide Glurge. Take that as you will.

Caswin: As such, removing the following entries: ...with uncertain, but suspicious glances in the direction of After School Special. Those aren't Glurge, they're just sappy or Tastes Like Diabetes or something else along those lines.

Elihu: Snipped for bitterness.
  • Considering that this troper has taken a character all the way to twenty, by the tract's reasoning this troper has obviously ascended to godhood, and thus Jack Chick can start quoting this troper's scripture or shove it.time=1215444116

  • Many "lesbian" movies make the guys total and complete scumbags/rapists in order to accentuate how "pure" women are with each other. This has the added effect of adding to the perception that lesbianism is the result of "broken" sexual relations with men, and the presence of a "real," decent man would have resulted in things being different.
    • Which is neatly averted in Tipping the Velvet, in which all the men are decent and generous and the only villains are female.
    • Well there was the boyfriend of the main character's lover who put down her claims the two women were in love as childish female sentimentality. Of course the ex-lover didn't have much to say.

Count Choculitis: I'm cutting this and subsequent natter until someone actually names some specific examples to back up this claim. I've watched more than my fair share of lesbian films, and I've never seen any that conform to this over-the-top description. Unless, as the third entry suggests, we've moved the goalposts to include any lesbian film that portrays any male character in any kind of negative light, which is just silly. I can also, for the interested reader, provide a list of lesbian films, of varying quality, that neither demonize men nor idealize female characters: the aforementioned Tipping the Velvet, as well as But I'm a Cheerleader, DEBS, Affinity, Show Me Love aka Fucking Amal, Saving Face, Imagine Me and You, and others.