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Gameplay Tip from Jove Hack

There are two ways Lazarus can peek and shoot around corners. One is the Wall Hug, which is easier to do, but less effective and less safe. The other uses 1st person view and lean. Here are the relevant controls

  • Down to squat. Lazarus can still move while squatting, just not able to move and fire.
  • Up to rise up out of a squat
  • Left and Right to lean left/right while in 1st person.

Other controls.
  • Square to go to 1st person.
    • X in first person to toggle the Spectral goggles.
  • O to return to free movement.
  • Triangle to go to 3rd person firing mode.

The procedure is:
  • Get near the edge of cover and squat down.
  • Going to first person view by hitting the [b]Square[/b] button.
  • Leaning left/right as appropriate by holding left/right on the directional pad.
    • If not properly positioned, hit O to return to free movement while continuing to squat.

The sniper rifle is best while leaning around the edge of cover while kneeling down in 1st person. This gives much steadier aim and almost total protection. It's perfect for countersniper work.

Ghosthunter is one of the relatively few PS2 games that supports HDTV. It's a limited form known as 480p.

What you need:

  • Component Cables to connect the PS2 to the TV.
    • Required for Progressive Scan.
  • TV that supports Progressive Scan (most LCD widescreen T Vs do).

When starting up Ghosthunter hold both the triangle and X keys. Before it gets to the New/Load Game screen it will prompt for confirmation for Progressive Scan mode. Say yes.

It will temporarily switch to Progressive Scan mode. If the screen doesn't go blank confirm the switch again before it reverts to normal mode. (This is so you won't have to restart the game if Progressive Scan doesn't work with your TV.)

Somewhere under Options switch to 16:9 mode. This is the HD mode. Be sure your TV is set to handle 16:9 aspect ratio to display this properly. On my LCD widescreen TV the proper setting is simply "FullScreen".

- Jove Hack