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rebeghtar: I don´t know if that fits the trope, but my father has once been at a German village fair where a bunch of 13-year-old girls were dancing to the Bloodhound Gang´s song The Bad Touch. Onstage. With not just their parents, but also a bunch of nuns rythmically clapping in the audience. Can´t imagine that happening in an English speaking country.

rb: I sung that Miss Susie song in elementary school. I thought it was original to Virginia, my place of birth. How widespread is this exactly?

Looney Toons: Pretty close to universal, I'd say. Wikipedia has an article on it. Judging from the examples, I suspect these kinds of rhymes date back literally centuries.

Ununnilium: I've seen it on both coasts of the US.

LTR: I clearly remember hearing it in grade school, Central Pennsylvania, 1988.

Ununnilium: Can I just say I've never heard "dork" used to mean "penis"?

LTR - Apparently it does, but I only knew that because I read something by cartoonist Gary Larson back in the early 90's where one of his Far Side cartoons was rejected because a character was calling another one a "Dork" and only let him publish it if he changed it to somthing else, (Larson went with "Twit") Either way, I always find it funny how the censors will go to such lengths to find any and all "hidden" sexual innuendo, and in doing so, find dozens of new offenses that most people didn't know about. And just how clean-minded is your average Media Watchdog if their first reaction on hearing "dork" was to think "Penis"?

Looney Toons: I think it's fairly obvious that the primary qualification for being a Media Watchdog is that you have far dirtier mind than anyone else around you (regardless of your claims to the contrary), so you see more innuendo everywhere.

Your Obedient Serpent: In WHOSE end, oh?

anonymous: for more examples from Grim Adventures see here: also some of that should also be in Double Entendre but I don't know what.

rb: My mother [i]insists[/i] that there is a horribly dirty joke on I Love Lucy, because on time Ethel marvels "You know, Fred can do ANYTHING in under a minute!" and the girls sort of nod at each other knowingly. I've seen it put I'm not sure it was intended.

Kilyle: I wasn't familiar with "dork" as this meaning, either. I don't think it even has that meaning anymore, and meanings that no one actually remembers don't count (the word "silly" used to mean "innocent" and maybe closer to "angelic"). For contrast, until a college writing class brought it up, I didn't know that "Peter" was slang for the male organ either, but as that's current slang, it is important for me to know it, not least of all so I don't accidentally push dirty meanings into my writing that I never intended to have. (Same with that "beaver" bit, now that I know.)

octochan: Maybe I haven't been around long enough, but I don't get the innuendo for 'Mary Hinge' in the last entry. 'Cupid Stunt', now that's obvious enough.

Looney Toons: Kilyle: "Peter" is "current slang", for several decades' value of "current" at a minimum — it was certainly circulating in the schoolyard vocabulary when I was a kid back in the 1960s. "Dork" likewise goes back to at least the 1970s if not earlier — I remember as a kid stumbling upon a catalog for (ahem) "adult products" wherein it was used interchangeably for both "penis" and "dildo". Quite honestly, every generation of kids seems to think it has invented all the dirty words and is stunned to discover that they've always been out there, for centuries in some cases.

Dwayne Hicks: octochan: Transpose the letters.

octochan: thanks, I've just learned a new word.

That Other 1 Dude: Caswin, we have a policy against Blue Nose Bowdlerizing

Caswin: "...who does nothing but censor words he or she finds offensive." I take it the policy is a bit looser than what the page describes? If so, my apologies.

Histrion: Add me to the list of people who didn't know "dork" was slang for "penis."

Great Pikmin Fan: What isn't a slang term for "penis"?
Looney Toons: Okay, whoever categorized this page must have been on drugs or something. I think I've cleaned up the more random divisions, and added a "Radio" section to hold the examples from that medium that were scattered all over the place. I also expanded the existing Gong Show/"Popsicle Twins" entry with the last couple lines of the new one someone added when said bozo categorization effectively hid it from his sight.
Looney Toons: The recent changes and additions to the Babylon 5 example led me to think of something that really doesn't belong on the main page, but needs saying anyway... Given how he felt about his wives, it must have been terribly convenient for Londo that they could have sex without him having to actually get close to them.
David Cassell: I think that ALL of the examples under 'Theatre' are mistakes. Shakespeare didn't have any crap to get under the radar. He could be just as rude as he wanted. I've indicated as much on the page. What needs to be done?

Trouser Wearing Barbarian: Honestly, this page could use some trimming. Some of these examples don't have much of a radar to get past. South Park, anyone?

Twin Bird: While I'll agree on Shakespeare, South Park (excluding the film) does have a radar to get past - for instance, they can't say "cunt" unbleeped.

isabelstant: Does anyone actually know what the joke is that goes with the "your turn in the barrel" punchline? I would swear I used to know it, but I can't for the life of me call it to mind.

Twin Bird: It varies, but the gist of it is that a man gets a blowjob from a barrel with a hole in it, and he's told he can come back any day but Thursday, because that's his turn in the barrel.

There's also a cleaner version with the "barrel of wisdom."

George TSLC: To me, the (male) Ferengi ear citation cries out for the parallel of (male) human nipples. Would a few words on that in fact be appropriate for the article?
Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Attention, 1dude! You have put this entry on the Cut List for being an unnecessary redirect when it is in fact the original article!

That Other 1 Dude: Crap. I meant to put "Getting Crap Past The Censors".
Agent CH: Took this out:

  • Child's play compared to the fact that in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, one of your allies blows huge gusts of wind when you squeeze... woe to he who notices that you squeeze not her stomach, but her... breasts.

Because if you pay attention, you'll see Mario holds her hand.
Looney Toons: Harley Quinn hyenaholic — please do not change double dashes to single dashes. Double dashes are automatically converted by the wiki engine to emdashes, and changing them to single hyphens makes the article look amateurish.
Sir Lemming: Removed the following Justice League example:

  • In "Legends" they were trapped in a Retro Universe with an Expy of the Golden Age Justice Society. Much to Hawkgirl's chagrin, their hosts expect her to help serve food to the men. Flash starts to make a "homemaker" quip.
    Hawkgirl: Say it, and you'll be the fastest man alive with a limp.

She was almost definitely referring to simply injuring him, which would cause him to limp. Really, there's almost no way she could've been referring to his genitalia.
Daibhid C: Pulled
  • Except that's a reference to BRAIN lobes, not EAR lobes.
Because, no it isn't. See the Star Trek Wiki. Ferengi think big ears = business acumen and, given their other characteristics, "having the lobes" is clearly the Ferengi version of "having the balls".

High Five: Call me dim, but how does the pic get crap past the radar? Not angry, just curious.

Gwen Stacy Wannabe: The Anti-Hero of the show (Zuko) walked in on that guy in the picture (Sokka) when Sokka was obviously expecting his girlfriend Suki, for...some fun. He turns to Zuko and says in a pretty risque tone "Well, helloooooo..." before figuring out it's not Suki, at which point he swallows the rose. Basically, it was insinuating all sorts of things 15-year-olds in a live-action Nickelodeon show wouldn't get away with. Avatar was really good at "censorbending", for some reason...

Freezair For A Limited Time: Does Midna saying "damn" in the German version of Twilight Princess really count? It was a T-rated game (or whatever the equivalent of that rating is in Germany), after all. And in Metroid Prime 3, right in the opening level, Admiral Dane says "Damn! We're being attacked!" As far as swear words go, it's pretty mild.

Heroic Jay but not on his home computer: Removed a reference to Pinky and the Brain having a double entendre if you "live in a place where 'brain' is slang for 'scrotum'". This is extremely uncommon slang — indeed, I'd never heard of it — and was pretty clearly not the intent of the title.

A Custodian: Okay, this page needs some serious pruning. I went through and deleted/cleaned up any example containing "This Troper" but a lot of these examples are still pushing it. These things should be relatively obvious, not "If you turn your head and squint it maybe sorta looks like something dirty".
  • Freezer: And yet, you went through and deleted quite a few legit entries on the sole basis of the presence of "This Troper"? And you consider this a good thing?
  • Looney Toons: I'd call that outright vandalism, especially as this so-called Custodian did it unilaterally. I'm inclined to call for a ban on his IP...
  • Sharm Hedgehog: Right, I decided to take matters into my own hands and fix this. I either copied and pasted everything back in, or rewrote them slightly. Two words shouldn't result in the loss of a great page.
    • A Custodian I'm sorry, but I think poor wording in the description is more than enough reason to delete an example. While there is no such thing as notoriety that doesn't mean we shouldn't treat the examples posted with some manner of professionalism. Also: I'd like to contest the inclusion of lines 268 (Little too convoluted), 466 (too vague), 491 (Not really an example), 501 (Also not an example and far too anecdotal), 693 (People seem to be tripping over themselves to add more examples), and 737 (Do fake swears really count?)
      • Sharm Hedgehog: The last few, I can see, but how is line 466 "vague"? The editor says it was one out of two kids' shows that he doesn't remember; how is that vague? This article is about how the censors don't pick up certain things, and since kids are likely to be at the mall, the music examples are perfect fits here. And the first one is probably more of an Incredibly Lazy Pun, but it still qualifies. Also, this isn't Wikipedia. Here, we are allowed to talk freely; we aren't robots. You shouldn't eliminate people's freedom to talk simply because they described themselves. Here, us perfectly functional human beings list times when they have encountered a trope; you shouldn't delete perfectly legitimate examples because someone described that they witnessed it.
      • A Custodian: There should be an actual name for the media witnessed, not just a vague recollection, I think someone should identify where an example is from before they post it, go toi the discussion page and get some help identifying before cluttering up the example page, that's just my opinion though. But directly describing personal experiences and holding conversations on the main page is openly discouraged Here and here. Personal examples are supposed to go in Troper Tales. I'm sorry if I'm being a bit anal here, but this is still a wiki and not a message board and I think we need to have standards for the main trope pages. I will agree that I may have been a little out of my jurisdiction to delete some of those examples wholesale but they still need to be edited to remove the personal bias. Also, I really don't think removing examples from a open source wiki is really comparable to removing someone else's freedom.

What was "Forced Kin" supposed to even be? I guess it's a double entendre that sounds a bit like 'foreskin', but in the context of the episode it had no meaning. In fact, nothing about that episode made any sense. They didn't bother to explain why the alien could mimic all their plans. Wait, is it because they had to work together? Like.. I guess working together would sort of make them.. like family..

Radhreni: Regarding the Spaceballs example under Film: The MPAA has no legislative power (it's not even part of the government, it's a business association), so the word 'legally' shouldn't be used. Also, the information on how many times the F-bomb can be dropped is wrong: see The Other Wiki.

halfmillennium: Anyone think it might be an idea to split this page? I don't know if there's a guideline for how long pages need to be for that, but it's too long to navigate easily.

Azvolrien: Is there a limit to how many folders a page can have? Because I can't for the life of me work out why the ones for Western Animation and Real Life aren't working. I can't see any errors in the code.

Twin Bird:
'Seven years and six months!' Humpty Dumpty repeated thoughtfully. 'An uncomfortable sort of age. Now if you'd asked my advice, I'd have said "Leave off at seven" – but it's too late now'.
'I never ask advice about growing,' Alice said indignantly.
'Too proud?' the other inquired.
Alice felt even more indignant at this suggestion. 'I mean,' she said, 'that one can't help growing older.'
' One can't, perhaps,' said Humpty Dumpty, 'but two can. With proper assistance, you might have left off at seven.'


Great Pikmin Fan: Okay, wow. The pic changes nearly every time I come here... why the Edit War?

Twin Bird: Regarding Mr. Simmons - is there any evidence to back this up, or does he just "seem kinda gay"? If so, how is he "not stereotypically so"? I mean, he's an elementary school teacher; what do you expect him to act like?

Wulf- I think it was Word Of Godded, like Helga's mom being an alcoholic. Not sure, though.

Wulf- Did a little trimming, as some examples didn't really belong. Futurama doesn't have too much of a radar to get past, especially for some of the things that were there. Rogue from X-Men: Evolution getting kidnapped by Gambit doesn't need to "get past the radar," it's a fairly generic plot used by all sorts of kids' shows. Even if she hadn't been 18. Likewise, the Mardi Gras scene, as noted by another troper, didn't necessarily imply what whoever wrote it thought it did. You don't have to flash to get beads. It's just that people get reeeeally drunk and do it anyway. The The Tofus example, as noted by another troper, was apparently Critical Research Failure on the example writer's part. The Breaking Batman's Back achievement is more a Mythology Gag than anything. Finaly, Megaman saying "damn" in a K-A rated game's not that crap-past the radar-y. That rating was effectively the same thing both G and PG, as "T" (PG 13) was the next highest step. Especially considering the fact that Zero said "damn" at least three times in X4 (And Megaman, once), which got the same rating.
Ghilz: Call me dense, but I do not see AT ALL what the image has to do with the trope. It might just be me being to dumb to see the obvious, or perhaps it requires one to have actually seen Avatar, which I have not.

Pk Mario: You don't have watch Avatar to realize that there is just something wrong with a fifteen year old boy, wearing half his clothes, laying just there in a poorly iluminated bedplace, with a rose in his mouth and that kind of expression on his face.
  • Ghilz: Maybe I'm jaded or less of a prude then some, but no, that didn't strike me as wrong at all. That and the "half his clothes" part looks like a normal roman-style tunic to begin with. Also, didn't know he was 15. Again. Never seen Avatar.
  • Ok, enjoy your jadedness.

Gwen Stacy Wannabe: Okay, how about the fact that there was another teenage boy who walked in on him like that?
  • Ghilz The picture doesn't exactly show that does it?

Wulf I'm gonna have to agree with Ghilz on this one. It's more a stock romance thing than anything, and that Zuko walked in on him really has nothing to do with it. That and like he said, the fact that he's wearing "half his clothes" looks more like he's just not wearing shoes.
Freezer: New caption pic: Some 'splain please. This troper is feeling dense.
  • Hopeless Troper - I'm guilty of the new caption picture, as well as the caption text. It's one of my all time favorite Simpsons jokes, as well as being an iconic GCPTR moment in the Simpsons history. You should be proud of yourself if you get the joke without any help (I didn't). The joke is that Sneed rhymes with Feed and Seed. So if you apply that rhyming rule with the former name Chuck, you get Chuck's Fuck & Suck.
    • Is it OK if I got the joke right away, or have I already become an irredeemable pervert from spending too much time on this site?.. (I don't really watch Simpsons, just saw this pic here.)

Pichu-kun: The new caption picture? I don't get it, what are we supposed to be looking at?

wpatton- I don't like the current example for Erfworld. Originally line 114 read like this: "And then "Fuck... You!!" at the end of Book 1," Generic User Name changed it to " And then "Fuck... You!!" at the end of Book 1 in defiance of the world/game's working. How one can violate the established world's setting is not explained. This was apparently ''awesome'', however." The thing that really bugs me here is his sarcastic comment about the original post.Since he edited the original post anyone who didn't see it won't know what he's talking about. That's on top of the fact he's mocking another troper's opinion. I changed it back to the original version, but Generic User Name changed it again. I don't want to start an [[Edit War]] but I really think this should be changed.

Hopeless Troper - This is ridiculous. This Trope Caption was perfect, but now it was deleted. I don't mind having a hint of why it was deleted, but there are none at all. And it was deleted by the very same Generic User Name that engaged in the Edit War mentioned above. I'd put that picture back, but I hate unnecessary Edit Wars more than the next guy. Btw, the reasons that I think that This Trope Caption is perfect is that it has profane crap and it's hidden under the radar. Come on, the words Fuck and Suck are written in The Simpsons, but you wouldn't know it unless you knew exactly where to look.

Wulf:— I disagree about that being the perfect page picture. It's pretty much just an implied punchline, not really getting crap past the radar. I'd like there to be a picture on there, but that one's not that great, given that you had to explain the joke for quite a few people to get it. It was good, but I've seen better...

Chaos Vincent 1: Hey, since there are getting to be so many shows with their own example pages, maybe there should be some radar icon in that line of icons.

Limi: I wrote this originally in the TV section, but after reading through the Music section and also seeing this is where the major discussion goes, I'm adding it here instead -

Maybe I don't understand this trope, but a good half of these don't belong here. Socks and the City is a pun on a very successful television program, no censor is throwing it back, especially when the ACTUAL SHOW is advertised freaking everywhere.

Same goes for Battlestar Galactica and Farscape - it's not surprising that they managed to get imaginary words past the censor, the censor doesn't give a frak about imaginary words, no matter their context. I don't even understand how the Hannah Montana examples fit, the first one seems like a case of someone seeing what they want to see, and as for the second one, it's 2010, common fish puns on pseudo-curse words aren't the hot button topic they used to be.

I haven't seen the Smallville episode mentioned so that quote could be wrong - it looks like it is in fact. Perhaps what the troper meant to write was 'Too busy fucking a hot blonde chick with your penis in her vagina to speak to your father?' because that would actually be a justified entry.

Anyway like I said, maybe I don't understand this trope at all, and it's not about sneaking dirty stuff past censors so much as it is 'favourite puns and light innuendo.' If that is the case ignore me, but otherwise I am doing some serious spring cleaning.

  • Ghilz: Make a post on the forum's trope repair shop. Seems like a valid point....