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// Devil's Advocate: I've seen quite a few episodes of Codename: Kids Next Door, and I don't see any evidence for Numbuh Two as a Genius Ditz. Examples?

// Ungvichian: "No Powuh": While everyone else is using sophisticated weaponry, he's using a huge rubber band. "Tapioca": Numbuh 3 calls him a Dummyhead.

Nerdorama: But my threadmoding gets cut without any ceremony or preservation? Hmph. Actually, it could have been Great Crash-related, but I could have sworn I'd seen it there after that. //EDIT: No, no, it was removed without being pasted. I feel slightly insulted, but it was Fan Wank Natter, so I won't replace it. Consider cutting this line petty revenge on subjective editing:
  • ... As far as this editor can remember, the fishing plan was her only success. The rest was all up to Ruri and Omoikane.

Po8: This page is very close to Idiot Savant. Perhaps the only distinction is that apparently Idiot Savant is supposed to imply autism, although I haven't really seen it used that way historically in the media. Somebody should clarify or merge these.
  • Tssha: The key word here is Genius Ditz. Airheadedness and Savant functionality are two completely different beasts. Not to mention one has harsh shades of reality attached to it...harsh, painful slabs of reality. The key here is light-heartedness...and light-headedness.

  • Evolution. The two resident idiots, Deke and Danny, directly aid in the ending by identifying their anti-dandruff shampoo as a handy source of an element that is toxic to thealien life forms.

No, they're just idiots who happen to know one bit of trivia.

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