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GalenDev: The "Power Trio" Entry: I don't get it. At all. Eckloff barely appeared in either the book or the movie, and I don't see how the combination of Eckloff, Sixta, and Ferrando represent the "Id, Ego, and Superego" in any case. Someone please needs to fill me in here, or I'll delete the entry for being woefully incorrect.

Alhazred: I ganked the Southern-Fried Private entry and changed it from something debate/nattery into something more concise that retains all the points covered. The original was this:

  • Southern-Fried Private (Subverted in Cpl. Josh Ray Person. He seems this way at first due to a big mouth and a Missouri accent, but he never actually seems to fire his weapon, even going so far as to hand his weapon to the reporter, and on top of that he's the most talented radio technician in all of Bravo Company. Played straight though with Lance Cpl. Harold James Trombley.)
    • The reason why Ray doesn't seem to fire his weapon is because he's the driver. It's hard to shoot a rifle while having to drive through a kill zone.
      • There were also times, such as the Airfield in Qulat Sukhar, the firefight in Al Gharraf, and actions in Muwaffaqiya and Baghdad where Ray wasn't in his vehicle, and would have been able to fire. He still never seemed to. The statement stands.
      • He fired his weapon in Part 3, "Screwby", just after Encino Man called in the air strike using the wrong protocols. After firing his weapon, there's commentary about how he "finally got some" and was "a man now."