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Lale: Could I add this? My friend's theater group had too many girls and not enough guys to fill all the roles in Damned Yankees, so they flipped all the genders, making the wives husbands, the husbands wives, the devil a woman, her assistant a man, and the protagonist female.

Looney Toons: This really doesn't qualify as an example for the main text, but Lale's entry above reminded me of this: Several years ago, my wife and I went to see a production of You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown on the campus of Princeton University, performed as a tribute to Clark Gessner, author of the show; Clark was a friend of ours, and a Princeton alumnus who had died the year before. The casting was "traditional" except for Snoopy — who was played by a wonderfully talented girl with a voice like Didi Conn. And where in the original script Snoopy tends to flirt with the female characters, her Snoopy flirted with the males; it was quite a strange but pleasant experience of congitive dissonance.

Daibhid C: Does Kara Thrace qualify?

Rothul: Removed:
  • Hamlet is just Elektra as a boy.

While indeed the latter is about a woman wating revenge on her father's killer (in this case, the mother), the similarities really end there. After all it's the male Orestes who ends up killing Aegisthus, sort of defeating the purpose of the trope in the first place.

Kimiko Muffin: I kinda remember an older article with a similar premise to this one, but I guess it got lost in the great deletion or something ... It mentioned, IIRC, a discussion on some message boards about gender-flipped Neon Genesis Evangelion if it had been made during the "bishojou craze", and included mention (I only vaguely remember it exactly) of "the implied hypocrasy of the same fandom, which reviled a male Shinji Ikari, considering the female version to be a cute moekko in need of comforting and encouragement for the exact same personality traits."

Micah: Removed:
  • Rosario+Vampire is a gender flipped Twilight, in this troper's opinion.
The manga of Rosario+Vampire started being published a year before Twilight came out.

Removed the "only one type of electrical charge", since there are two—three if you include antiparticles—because neutrinos.

Nobodymuch: Why upper body strength matters when your field combat is going to take place in suits of powered armour is one of those little Starship Troopers mysteries

Clarste: Removed "named Saver" from the Fate/stay night example, since as far as I know Saver and Saber are pronounced exactly the same in Japanese. Furthermore, Type-Moon sucks at English so it seems more likely to be an error they never bothered correcting because they were still in the early planning stages. Also, removed some redundancy (Meganekko implies "female girl" which is already redundant on its own) and changed a parenthetical note into an extended clause of the sentence because it felt awkward.