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Looney Toons: Wouldn't this work better as Gay Paree?

Seth: So much so.

Ununnilium: Motion sustained!

Looney Toons: And thus I stretched forth my mighty hand and bade, let it be so.
Seven Seals: The Hunchback of Notre Dame? Are we just listing every movie ever set in Paris? The Paris in Hunchback is historical, so no berets or Eiffel Tower here. There is the Notre Dame, of course (in meticulous detail) but that's the point. Watching the movie I didn't get the feeling that it was set in stereotypical Paris. Anyone else?

Puffy Treat: I've read some of the Anatole books. While I can easily see how they are an influence on Ratatouille, there's also much content unique to both stories that is not shared. It's like when someone tells me Toy Story is just a rip-off of the Raggedy Ann film. Both concern animate toys buddying up on a journey, but there are as many differences as there are similarities. Just sayin'