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Working Title: Game Over.: From YKTTW
Fast Eddie: Pulled the picture, 450 is too wide. Please see Administrative Policy. Also have a look at the bit about long opening quotes.

You just lost TV Tropes. This is not Fission Mailed, you've passed on. You are no more. You have ceased to be. Your Hit Points have expired and you've gone dead. You're a ragdoll! Bereft of all your lives! You may rest in peace. If you hadn't been wearing armor, you'd 'v been gibbed all over the place. Your metabolic processes are now history. You have to wait for the reload. You have to go back to the last save. You've drowned in the water level. Your escortee ran headlong into fire and joined the souls on your conscience. YOU ARE AN EX-PLAYER CHARACTER!

Bisected8: OK, I've added a smaller version of the image and set the page quote as a line from Aliens.

Chris X: Uh, just a suggestion, but how about we add up the 'modified' line of that picture, said by The Angry Video Game Nerd himself?

"You're dead. Your friends are dead. Your family's dead. Your fuckin' pets are being skinned alive. Your mom's a fuckin' whore. You suck at life. The whole world hates you. You're goin' to hell. Live with it. Game over."

Bisected8: Its been discussed see the original YKTTW.

Daniel LC: What's the etymology? Was this originally engrish?

Shadow Dog: "Either way it's Game Over for you." Harsh. Is that why it's called asscaps?