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A somewhat irrelevant side note that BTtheP thinks is funny:

Some of the first attempts at realistic physics engines in video games were created specifically to give the female characters better bounce.

The extremely awful first BloodRayne game tried to make this a selling point, including a cheat code to amplify the female charaters' breasts. There are a total of THREE female characters in the game. Two are seen only briefly, in extremely wooden and static cutscenes and short fights, and the titular main character never faces the camera.

Looney Toons: I have just (22 Aug 2005) come into possession of a couple of animated gifs that perfectly demonstrate Gainaxing without being offensive. The problem? One's over 500K in size, and the other is nearly 900K. I'm hosting a lot of little images for the wiki, but these are a lot bigger than I want to deal with. If someone with no bandwidth problems would like to host them, please let me know.

Kendra Kirai: For the record, "Mune" translates as "chest" or "Breast", so Mune-Mune would probably be "Breast-Breast", not "Bouncy-Bouncy". I'm thinking that was a change made to the american release. (I've never seen it, though).

Looney Toons: <nod> Our Japanese-speaking friend, on whom I rely for a lot of what I know, grimaced when first hearing her name and said it translated to "Tits-tits". I was debating making a change because I wasn't sure if "Bouncy" was another way of reading an idiom that I didn't know.

Citizen: Bwahahahahahahahahahaha /// Oh hey, it looks like The Great Crash put the image back. Still too distracting for you, Eddie? =P
Ack Sed: There's an actual technical term for this: "Mammaquatia - The bobbing or jiggling of a woman's breasts when she walks, dances, or exercises." Thank you BoingBoing. Pun truly not intended.
Adam850: See here for an example from the former.

Removed, dead link.

AKK: Murrue's gainaxing from the first moment we see her in GS:Phase 01, when she's ordering them to load up the Archangel.
Janitor: No animated images, please. They make it difficult to read the article. Pulling...
Way-hey! Lookit those boobies bounce!

Adam850: What happened to the Gunbuster picture? That one was a good example.

Guest: But it perfectly describes this trope! Besides, since when have animated images made the article difficult to read?

Janitor: Please see Administrative Policy. No animated images.

J Bridge: I can see how this image would.

Pavlov: Consistent with the discussion on Administrative Policy, I moved this to a link.

Pavlov: In reference to the Real Life article: Those crazy bastards! Converting kinetic energy to electrical energy means removing the bounce! You should be doing it the other way around! Some kind of powered bra ...


Excuse me, I have to go file a patent.

Juice Box Hero: No animated images? D'aawww. I almost added this:

Cliché: Eyes. Burning. Now that that's out of the way, what do you call it when a male's pecs are the ones jiggling? Is it still this trope, or should I set up something else?

Sharm Hedgehog: Whoever added the link to the gif at the bottom of the page is awesome. I showed that gif to someone on the Youtube Poop forums, and he responded with, "source." Just a little sidenote from me. :P

Nohbody: Given the following quote, shouldn't the Video Game and Live-Action TV examples be moved to their respective related tropes (or just removed, if already in the relevant related trope entry)?

  • For the video game version, which isn't limited to Japanese games, see Jiggle Physics. For the live action TV version, see Jiggle Show.

Just for fun, This Troper is currently working on identifying every anime in the video used as an example at the end of the article. I'm at 52 different anime so far. Some of which I only found by pausing the video. They flash by too fast for my eyes to register them unless I know beforehand that they're there. When I'm done (or give up) I'll go through the examples and see which need to be added, if any.

Hmmm.... since TV and video games have their own Gainaxing equivalents in the form of Jiggle Show and Jiggle Physics, what would be the comic book/illustrated version?

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Unfortunately, jiggling and gainaxing are movements, and thus hard to depict in still pictures without drawing the ire of Moral Guardians — comics are especially susceptible to the Tethercat Effect.

I see what you mean. Though by that logic, it takes a certain amount of effort to depict all kinds of other movements in still images, yet artists have found ways. Still-image-gainaxing just might have a chance. For example (just bear with me), take a look at the girl in the bottom-middle of this picture. As for the Moral Guardians issue, I doubt they'd enter into the equation any more than they do for the other types of Gainaxing.

PuppetChaos: The 'Shock Absorber' bounce simulator is simultaneously the most stupid and awesome thing at the same time.