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Ununnilium: How is Ed from Cowboy Bebop a subversion? In fact, how does she match the trope at all?

Wia: A couple of questions: To be a gadgeteer genius, do you have to:-
  • Invent new gadgets or just build them?
  • Work with equipment and supplies that would normally be insufficient for the task?
  • Create results significantly ahead of the standard tech-level of the setting?
  • Be a character that could not realistically be expected to have picked up such skills?

If the criteria is merely the inventing and/or building, then I should submit 'Riff' from Sluggy Freelance to the webcomics section. If any of the bottom three are true, then certainly the Star Trek chief engineers and possibly Q should be removed (as they're highly trained professionals who've been in such a field all their careers).

Indigo: Removed:
  • And the Flux Capacitor that powers the De Lorean uses the same prop as the Oscillator Overthruster, invention of another gadgeteer genius: Buckaroo Banzai.
This is a flux capacitor. This is an oscillation overthruster. Not the same prop at all.

Deek Does Ted from EGS really qualify? He hasn't really been shone to invent any new technoligy. All he did was improve the programming for the Transformation gun, and then copy the tech out of that.