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Earnest: The pic is awesome... I just wish I knew who (or what) it is. >_<

Andyroid: I think that's Kon, from Bleach. O_o

Seth: I think it's Fan-Art i haven't seen anything like that in the manga or anime.

Shire Nomad: It is indeed the series Butt-Monkey Kon, dressed as Badass Blood Knight Kenpachi Zaraki. And I'm fairly certain Seth's right that it never actually happened in the series.

Citizen: Indeed, but it does get the point across. ^^
Objection to the Harry Potter example: it seems more like Took a Level in Badass. —Document N
alliterator: Removed this (spoiler tagged to protect the unwary) from the Heroes examples: Likewise, in Season 3: Villains, some traumatic event about to happen in Claire's present apparently turns her into a black-leather-wearing assassin in the new alternate future. Because it's a big fat spoiler for Season 3 (which hasn't aired yet).

Nexus: Took out the Harry Potter example, as it doesn't fit this trope, but it does fit another one.

  • An interesting variant appears in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, when Neville Longbottom makes an appearance towards the end of the book - as a battle-scarred, serious-minded, sword-swinging resistance-fighter.