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  • In Animorphs, Yeerks reproduce by 'fission:' three fuse into one, and the one breaks down into several young Yeerks. The personalities of the original three are lost.

...because it doesn't have anything to do with the "super-power" aspect.

Meiriona: need to get an image for this. Will look tomorrow after classes.

Cassius335: Taken out...

  • Despite Paildramon and Silphymon appearing to be composites (of Ex Veemon & Stingmon and Aquilamon & Gatomon, respectively), Jogress/DNA Digivolution are actually Power Boosts allowing Monster A to Digivolve to Ultimate. Who gets to be Monster A may be determined by whether or not their Tamer had a Crest - the Power Booster from the first season - as Takeru/TK (Angemon), (Hi)Kari (Gatomon) and Ken (Stingmon) all used to have Crests (Monster B) but their respective fusion partners Iori/Cody (Ankylomon), Miyako/Yolei (Aquilamon), and Daisuke/Davis (Ex Veemon) did not (Monster A).

...because this is the logic of the D3 toys being applied to the anime. Catch is, the D3 toys didn't have Crest Digivolution. Paildramon is a dragon/insect and Sylpimon is a cat/bird. They also have the dual voice thing going on. Shakkoumon looks the least like his component parts, but has the dual voice. There was even a Japanese Paildramon toy which allowed you to take an Exveemon and a Stingmon and combine them. Thus, Composites.