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Sniffnoy: Haha, I remember discussing that poem in Hum class. Pretty much everyone's reaction was that it was about sex, but one guy managed to come up with a clever alternate interpretation saying it was about Britain and the church instead.

...I bet it is about sex, though.

Lale: I've been told in two separate classes that it's about a man enjoying sex with a woman while secretly giving her a disease, "destroying" her without her realizing it. The man is the worm, the woman is the rose; the worm is enjoying the rose by destroying it. Get it?

BTW, moved the second page quote so that it doesn't look like it's part of the poem.

Seven Seals: I don't see how people can be so silly as to interpret the poem symbolically, as well one should, and then go on to interpret "sick" perfectly literally. But then, that's the point of the trope: everything has to be about sex, so the sickness is an STD. I like this interpretation a lot better.

Yuanchosaan: The poem by Piet Hein was mocking this kind of interpretation, so I'm not sure if it should be kept on the main page or not. Any objections? Oh, and another <s>gem</s> grook by Hein:

She gave me hope
she gave me love,
with bounty unalloyed.
But what she had of faith,
she gave to Freud.


Lale: I'm afraid to ask, but... how is this a porn trope? If there's no difference between Sex Tropes and Porn Tropes...

Kool Kid Joe: Not ever having seen porn myself, I don't know, but I would guess such images would show up as foreshadowing or innuendo during the more plot-related ones.

That Other 1 Dude: Since this is about seeing sexual symbolism in everything, I wouldn't thinks you'd include
Lale: Well, I will never read an example from Highlander the same way again.
I'm wondering whether the definition of Freud's theory should be changed from its current from into a more accurate one, as Freud actually said there were two unconscious drives to human behavior: sex and death; creation and destruction. I mention it here instead of editing the page immediately because it not only doesn't add anything important but it also distracts from the theme of the trope which is sexual symbolism, either intentional or interpreted, the title merely associating it with a commonly known aspect of psychology. Thoughts?

Lale: Tricky... The trope is about the sexual part of his theory only.
That Other 1 Dude: Trogga that wasn't vandalism, it was an Easter Egg. If you want to remove it at least discuss it.
Ajardoor: ...

Cassy: Removed / modified this:

"Interestingly, if Freud was a biologist, he would have definitely been right, as we know all non-human animals definitely consider reproduction their life goal."

The problems here are 1) Freud *was* a biologist; 2) many would disagree with this statement and if you want to put it back in the main page, it'd be nice to have some qualification, e.g. what theory or discipline considers it to be 'true' etc. (I personally think it's a huge overstatement (what about food? Staying alive? Protecting their group? etc) and that there's still so much we ignore about non-human animals we can't say anything with such peremptory certainty; a lot of it is kind of a blackbox really.)

Master TMO: Putting it here instead of the main page as I can't remember the movie title.
  • Spaceship lands at a planet where everyone's worst fear kills them.
    • One of the female characters was afraid of worms and too much sex. So a giant worm with a penis rapes her to death. ...Or So I Heard

Cassy: Freud did cocaine!? I'm half-surprised, he seems to have been just too 'obsessive-compulsive' to do drugs (or maybe that's why...) but it may explain many things! Can the troper who wrote this explain a bit more in the discussion? I'd be so interested in getting more details about this ^^.

Well, I guess you'd need to do drugs to cope with a deep and irrational fear of railways and ferns...

pawsplay: Speaking as a student of psychology, this article is not very fair to Freud. But is that part of its charm? Just musing, it sounds rather aggressive, and it perpetuates the idea that Freud was a crackpot, which isn't true.

Cassy: Of course, it really oversimplifies and trivializes Freudian theory -but I think that's the point, no? On the other hand, Freud wasn't a paragon of sanity, either: he was explicitly trying to do his self-analysis, had a father complex the size of the Empire State building (rightfully so, too, as some theories claim he had an incestuous father) and had some quirky phobias about ferns, railways and the like.

Prfnoff: It took me this long to recall I had yet to restore the examples that disappeared in The Great Crash; the cached copy had been sitting around for over six months.

Mizaru: I'd like to suggest we add an image to this article, specifically the Dai-Gurren mecha from Gurren Lagann (although it doesn't have to be that pic in particular). Since I'm a bit new to this wiki (and wikis in general), I don't want to overstep my bounds and do this major a change myself. Or rather, I don't want to do it without some input from others first.

Cassy" OMG! I'm voting for it!

Willbyr: I see the image has been changed...I'm fine with the Evangelion pic, as it's fairly appropriate, but I think the Kirk image is a little more direct, If You Know What I Mean. Change it back, or leave it as is?

Somfin: Leave as is. I just put up, with some help, the most epic Blue Caption in history for it.

Willbyr: Yeah, you did a good job with that.

Dmysta3000: Whoever made the new image quote is officially my new hero, definitely qualifies for Made of Win.

Willbyr: I put the caption back, not only because it was well-done but because without the caption, the pic doesn't make sense with the trope unless you've seen Evangelion and End of Eva and know what's going on in the pic.
  • Egregious Eric: If it needs a big caption to be understood, it's not a very good image.
  • Willbyr: I missed the obvious; notes are in the actual text about the scene in the anime folder.

Little Jimmy: Change the picture back. Freud Was Right is supposed to be about sexual imagery that isn't intentional. That picture from Evangelion is as intentional as all fuck.

Doug S. Machina: Much as the Evangelon picure and caption is good, I think the Kirk one was better.

Somfin: Kinda wish it had been preserved, though... Ah well, progress moves ever forward. It was wrong for this page, anyway. But it could probably go on some hypothetical future "Psychology Overload" page or something.

Evilest_Tim: Go on, tell me there's a better picture for 'unintentional sexual imagery' than that.

Cassy: Kudos to the troper who put the DenverTheLastDinosaur example as the most disturbed sicko on this page, I hadn't even thought on that. (and I wrote most of the Trigun, FullmetalAlchemist and TalesFromEarthsea examples, if it's any indication...)

Dion Shmion: Does anyone have the link to the analysis referred to in the Lucky Star example?

Lumine: Can we? I'm curious.

Doug: S. Machina: What happened to all the pseudo-Freudian analysis of Kim Possible? It was highly amusing.