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  • All of which are unlikely to be resolved in any satisfying manner since Robert Jordan kicked it.
  • Not necessarily, as he left copious notes, and his wife/editor chose another author, Brandon Sanderson, to finish the last book based on the notes. Having skimmed one of Sanderson's books, his writing will fit right in with Jordan's.
  • Brandon Sanderson will write the last three books. Robert Jordan apparently planned it as one book, but no-one involved thinks he could have tied up all the plot threads satisfactorily in just one book.
  • Note that this is not a matter of amount of material. Jordan simply intended to finish it all in one three thousand page volume.
  • I would actually disagree w/ this assessment. No doubt it's WAY too long, and this is part of it, but you could literally cut out at least 1/2 of every book without losing ANY major plot points, so I would say it's more of an extreme example of [[Filler]] than anything else.
  • This troper actually remembers reading somewhere that Jordan vowed to do it all in one book, even if the publisher had to sell library carts with the book. Which says how badly he wanted the series done and over with.