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Morgan Wick: Willow's quote seems more like a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment, and the gay part is sort of the neutral version of "Funny Aneurysm" Moment and Narm. Unless someone can prove that Whedon did it on purpose, which I find unlikely except in the equally unlikely scenario that it came in the same arc as the other two, I don't think it belongs.

Looney Toons: Whedon's frequently said in interviews that from the beginning of the show, he was planning on having either Xander or Willow turn out to be gay. This is very clearly intentional foreshadowing.

Morgan Wick: Okay then.

SAMAS I'd really like to hear the explanation of the Super Robot Wars thing.

Twin Bird: Um...what's this about Suzumiya Haruhi? Is the contributor suggesting that Kyon is actually Santa Claus, or is he just pulling things out of his ass?

dkellis: I figure that whether from the Episode 1 "real" opening or the Episode 00 student film opening, it's just a reference to the nature of the SOS Brigade. Of course, not being that contributor, I could be wrong.

KJMackley: I figured there were more then enough examples to warrant organizing it into Live-Action TV, Anime, etc. So I did.

Lee M: I notice that ElfQuest is now listed under Web Comics. Well, it is on the web now, but for 30 years it was print-only...

Terminus Est 13: Should we change the pic? As soon as Anakin Skywalker said his name, everyone knew he was going to be Darth Vader. I'd say it was more a case of It Was His Sled than Foreshadowing.

Camacan: That page picture twists my guts. It conjures up the moment I realised Anakin was a sugar-coated-twerp and the new movies had nothing for me. I hate it, but I guess it works because being so literal it kinda drives the point home with a hammer.

Laota: I removed this —

In Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, the studio realized how much hype was building up for this movie they were already impressed with, so they added a few extra things to the story to foreshadow a sequel without getting in the way of the current movie.
  • Which include the compass, mentions of Davy Jones and the East India Trading Company and Jack's desire to become immortal (to avoid his debt). The amount of details that encompass all three stories is so large, it's hard to believe they didn't plan a trilogy.
    • If one listens to Jack right before Elizabeth falls into the water, he says "...and then they made me their chief." Originally just a Orphaned Punchline, it proved to be a large part of the first act.
— as it doesn't apply, and in some places, is completely ill-informed. The studio had no confidence in the movie and had nothing to do with the script. The plots of the sequels weren't thought up until long after the first film was finished, and so all the above connections would count as a pile of retconned Call-Forward and belong there insead if they aren't there already. So do these, which I also took out:

  • The Star Wars prequels have a ton. Obi muttering to Anakin, "You're going to be the death of me." Anakin becomes Vader and of course kills Obi Wan. Also, Anakin shouting to Palpatine (before The Reveal), that [Obi Wan's] fate will be the same as theirs. All three end up dying in a Death Star.
    • If you really wanted to get technical, it also foreshadows how each one will die. Obi Wan got knocked out fighting, and so he gets killed fighting later. Palpatine wanted to leave him behind, evidence of his ulterior motives, and Anakin denies him a death of a Jedi, later it is Anakin who kills him, denying him again the death of a certain Jedi (Luke). And Anakin, well he chose his own fate, and the fate of them all, it was he who decided to wait back and pick up Obi Wan, and it was he who decided that Obi Wan's fate, and it was he who decided to override Chancellor Palpatine's order to leave Obi behind. Later, Anakin kills both of them, and sacrifices himself killing the Palpatine, while in the process of defying his [implied] orders.
    • Star Wars: Clone Wars put some foreshadowing in it too, basically, Anakin goes into a cave, and hallucinates this.

Plus, this part of the Harry Potter examples —

He got better because Voldemort had accidentally turned himself into a Horcrux for Harry back in Goblet of Fire—another bit of foreshadowing.

— didn't happen. I don't know where this troper got the idea that Voldy was a Horcrux, or that it's the reason Harry survived his attack in the last book. Would've been cool, though.