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Nornagest: You'll have my serial commas when you pry them from my cold, dead hands, Corahs Uncle!

DalekKanNoladti: Somehow I don't think most Midwestern or Western cities can match the cosmopolitanism of NYC or LA. Then again, those are the two largest cities in the country.

FloatingRootBeer: This Midwestern troper disagrees about our cosmopolitanism. Those Hispanics are everywhere! Also, can the Midwest really be considered the heartland of Fifties-era family values, when Iowa has just become the fourth state to legalize gay marriage?

Nornagest: Rewrote the following —

Austin, Phoenix, Albany, Cincinnati, Minneapolis, St. Louis, or Sioux Falls

It was getting a little ridiculous, sorry to say. We know your town's hip, but it doesn't necessarily have to be listed.

Outta The BLAM: Is from a South Dakota town that is far, far from cosmopolitan. Sioux Falls is a little more cosmopolitan, but it's not on any level with New York City or LA.