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A similar situation is getting a character into an outfit after they complain about their discomfort or dislike of wearing such a thing, and swear that they'll never wear it. This is promptly followed by a Gilligan Cut - in the very next scene, the character is wearing the clothes.

Looney Toons: Um, no, that is a Gilligan Cut. Flung Clothing has no implied time lapse — the character grabs their clothes, yanks, and into the air they go, revealing a new outfit.

Planish: Re. "Somewhat similar to the classic version of Superman and whatever he did with his Clark Kent clothes. (We usually just saw him pull his shirt apart to reveal the Big Red S, but not what happened after that.)"

I recall seeing in an comic issue from the early '60s that he would super-compress his Clark Kent clothes and stuff them into a hidden pocket-like pouch on the inside of his cape, so as to protect them from being destroyed from atmospheric friction, chemicals, bomb blasts etc.

Ununnilium: Oh yeah. There's explanations of what he actually does with them, but what we see is dramatic S-reveal, then cut to next scene.

Haesslich: Minami-ke Okawari episode 8 has Wholesome Crossdresser Mako-chan re-enacting this trope, in order to show off 'her' swimsuit. I'm really impressed by how quickly he pulled off his jacket, shirt, AND skirt to send them all flying up at the same time.

Master Hand: Can we include the variant (usually used in comedy) where someone grabs their shirt collar and rips their outfit in half to show a new outfit under it?

LORd: I suppose it would also go under here when a character grabs the shoulder of her old outfit, pulls it across the screen (where it often suddenly looks like a cape) obscuring the viewers' vision, and then she's in new clothes?