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arromdee: I got rid of the Charmed example because it made no sense. Prue's replacement was a Jonas Quinn (Paige), not The Other Darrin, and so wouldn't replace her in flashbacks. They were just very careful to pick flashbacks without Prue in them.

  • A similar phenomenon: The Sandman, which had one writer but lots of artists and gave the artists a lot of license regarding how they portrayed the characters, occasionally had flashbacks to earlier storylines which had been drawn by different people. The penciller of the time would draw those panels in the style of whoever had done the earlier storyline. A good example is in The Kindly Ones where Marc Hempel draws Lyta Hall remembering her encounters with Morpheus in The Doll's House (drawn by Chris Bachalo) and Season of Mists (drawn by Kelley Jones).
    • When Marvel Comics have flashbacks or "pictures" of stories which were originally printed in the early 1960s, they're frequently drawn Jack Kirby-style.

  • The grandfather of this example, of course, would have to be the Star Trek DS9 episode Trials and Tribble-Ations, which flashed back to the TOS episode The Trouble With Tribbles - making the difference between the classic Klingon makeup and latter-day Klingon makeup too obvious to ignore, and inspiring levels of Fan Wank that took an entire story arc of Enterprise to resolve.

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series featured a flashback to the Japanese-only Yu-Gi-Oh! Season Zero, where Yugi looked a bit like Chucky and Seto Kaiba had green hair. "Huh. That was weird. I should probably cut down on the drugs."

  • One Life to Live had a brilliant moment when Blair recalled her wedding to Asa, complete with the original footage, despite the fact that the present Blair was being played by an actress of a different race than the original. Cut to present Blair looking confused.

  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 included a flashback to an early episode where Kevin Murphy was not performing Tom Servo. They hand-waved it as having happened before Tom's voice changed.
    • Justified in the episode where Murphy takes over the role: it starts with Joel adjusting Servo's voice module, producing an amusing variety of weird noises until Murphy's voice asserts itself.
    • In fact all character and voice actor transitions in the series were dealt with in storyline. When Trace Beaulieu left after Season 7 and was replaced by Bill Corbett, Crow's much subtler voice and personality change was explained by a time travel accident that left Crow alone on the Satellite of Love for centuries.
      • Joel also explained Crow's voice change during his guest appearance in Season 10 by saying that Crow "changed [his] bowling pin."
      • Gypsy's voice change (from Jim Mallon to Patrick Brantseg) was never dealt with in-show. As she had an "unnatural" sound (rather than an actor's normal speaking voice) and she was a supporting character, presumably few people noticed.

Paul A: These are all the opposite of Flashback with the Other Darrin.