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Gus: Okay, let's see... we got the Hispanic one, the black one, the Asian one, the one in a wheelchair... oh yeah, and the white one. Time to write the scripts.

That is damned funny. :-)

Looney Toons: Thankyew!

Red Shoe: There's a scene at the beginning of Power Rangers Zeo where they realize that there's six of them and only five superhero-power-crystals to go around. Every time I see it, I think "Sorry Billy, we've already got a white guy."

Ununnilium: Does the Shakespeare example really count? He may have done a multiethnic band, but I doubt it was for non-plot reasons.

Later: Taking said example out, then:

Seth: Where would i mention this from Planetes. The show doesn't really hold any stereotypes for minorities and everyone is more or less treated the same but there are 3 exceptions. People who have or feel that they are being treated differently because of their race (And this is all portrayed very realistically like everything else in the series). It was used to show the poor/rich divide in the future world.
  1. One has his plans of launching his country to the space industry thwarted when it is invaded by INTO (Nato of the future).
  2. One becomes a terrorist since his oil producing nation became poor when people stopped using oil.
  3. And the last one (A main character) pushed herself too hard in her job and was demoted. While in her case there was no prejudice or reason other than her own mistakes she perceives prejudice and joins the same terrorist organisation as the second guy.
I was thinking of something small in Token Minority or here but i'm not sure. Opinions?

Jefepato: There are so many examples of the social interest/hobby form of this trope that I'm hesitant to start adding them, for fear that I'll never stop. I almost wonder if it deserves to be considered a separate trope.
Looney Toons: I deleted
  • Advertising example: This editor was told by his teacher about a car advert, completely generic apart from the black man who emerged and declared; 'And what advert would be complete without me, the token black guy?'
because that's Token Minority — which is where I relocated it to.

fleb To prevent Quote Creep, I took out this really long quote and nixed my plan to add the Mojo Jojo quote.

"Clive Barker's Clive Barker's Jericho, by Clive Barker, follows the adventures of (and when I first read the plot synopsis this is the point where my eyes almost rolled straight out of my skull) an elite military unit specializing in the paranormal and consisting of four tough, manly men and three hot, sassy chicks of various racial backgrounds, with only a wheelchair-bound member required to complete the spectrum of political correctness."
-Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw, on the primary cast of Clive Barker's Jericho

"Together you will be a wonderfully diverse and multi-ethnic superhero team, perhaps saving the environment, or whatever."Mojo Jojo
Rogue 7: Dear God, I actually remember those Burger King kids. It's been years. A decade, even.

High Five: Me too. They look so familiar...

Daibhid C: Talking of Power Rangers, am I the only person who, when it started, thought "Huh, there's two girls, and one of them's the Pink Ranger. That's a bit stereotyped. And yellow's a bit of a girly colour as well." closely followed by "Oh my God! The Asian girl is the Yellow Ranger and the black guy is the Black Ranger! What were they thinking?"

Daibhid C: Never mind; I've just checked the Unfortunate Implications page, and the Power Rangers page, and I wasn't.
comment on star wars rogue squadron is incorrect, they didnt pass over a pilot because he was correlean, the only person who was mentioned and not let on the squad was left off because she was to be XO and would not have been a good teacher. there are in fact 3 correlians on the team.