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Duckluck: Sorry, but I can't make heads or tails of this trope. Can anyone who understands what it's talking about give it a good re-write? It needs it.

Red Sweater: And I agree with you; I have no idea what this trope is about. It needs a much clearer definition.


Jordan: I launched this, thinking about the Philip Marlowe-type detective character, especially found in some fantasy and science fiction works. I do think some of the examples are a good fit (e.g. Kyon), but I agree it needs some help rephrasing. I also think maybe another page should exist called maybe A Rogues Life that would apply more to the Flashman, Caiphas Cain, and that Dennis the Menace blog which are examples on the page.

Azreal: Seems like it's Exactly What It Says on the Tin. First Person Narrative, with a snarky narrator who's aware of the cliches and tropes in whatever genre he's in, and is a smartass. Also, Spenser is in the style of Marlowe, but I think Poor Man's Substitute is a bit harsh. Maybe that's just personal opinion.

Vulpy: If it does revolve around a first-person narrative, do any non-literature examples fit? I'm sure plenty of first-person (or even third-person, limited to one character) perspective narrators are smartasses. Is it an unspoken sense of superiority that sets this one apart?

...I still don't get it...