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Dok Enkephalin: Thumb-twiddling doesn't quite fit the same trope as the Japanese fingertips; thumb-twiddling is more of a disinterested tuning out, the fingertips together expresses an awkward self-consciousness of the situation. Thumb-twiddling might should go under a more general page of gestures of boredom, dismissal, etc.

Big T: Just because you are removing a image for policy (rather than quality) reasons doesn't mean it isn't a good idea to put something on the discussion page about it. In particular, it's really easy to make an animated picture not be an animated picture. And you can link it so people who want to see an animated image for illustration purposes can without disturbing those who don't. Anyways, the removed code was:

[[caption-width:175:She... ''may'' have gotten herself banned from the drama club for life.]]

I found the original image was twiddle.gif, and I made freeze frame, as you can see to the right. This is the sort of thing I propose for all animated images. I won't fix it here, since there's already a replacement image. Though I may see if there's a way to link twiddle.gif in the page itself.