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Lust from F Ull Metal Alchemist? I'm only half way through the series, but she's not exactly been sympathetic, especially given her behaviour in Reunion of the Fallen. Sure, she's was made from the lover of Scar's brother and has some memories of this life , but she's not shown much likeability beyond fanservice. I'd say she's more the Vamp, myself.

No disrespect to the contributor who added this trope, but I think the name needs to be changed from Femme Fatale to The Seductress. Femme Fatales are mysterious women,the character type was very popular in detective movies and not a villan. Seductresses on the other hand are villans. Also, the Femme Fatale's charm is that she is unatainable, whereas the The Seductress is "come and get some".

Morgan Wick: Well, Definition Decay has set in, and it basically means any sexy woman who Our Heroes love but there's a problem with them. So basically both. And we like our version better. Nyah.

Sorry- not to be pedantic- but, I guess this just bothers me because for the past three months I've been in this literature class and have had to listen to my teacher talk about "the femmme fatales of Ancient Greek literature". T_T and people wonder why smart kids are going crazy.

Solandra: As the contributor who launched this entry (because of a red link), I say that The Vamp entry already sums up the essence of The Seductress (it makes it clear that The Vamp is never up to any good), while the Femme Fatale is the more morally ambiguous one.

Femme fatales in Greece? Ouch.

It was the Ancient that got me.

"Name any Bond girl." - Surely Bond girls are damsels in distress more than anything? Although the more recent films are showing increasing numbers of femme fatales in order to make them more competent.

The plural's 'femmes fatales.'

C.C.? Sexy - check, morally challenged - not exactly good, not exactly evil, check. But when does she ever "exploit her sexual appeal" for anything? — good point. i thought there were a few sound episodes where she played temptress to help bring Lelocuh'smplans to fruition, but I could be mistaken.

And what exactly about the Warhammer 40.000 entry sounds like the subjects can be "redeemed" in any way, shape or form? Especially considering the setting's usual disposition on redemption... I'd suggest moving it to the "The Vamp" section, but I'm not sure if it even fits there since seduction is an important part of The Vamp, and "cutting you with their razor-sharp crab-claws, leaving boils all over your flesh, and then dragging you back into their world for an eternity of ecstatic agony at their hands...erm, claws" doesn't sound like seduction to me. Anyone know if Slaaneshi Daemonettes have a habbit of seducing with more subtlety than your standard bolt-rifle?