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Working Title: Pointy Fangs Of Evil: From YKTTW

Earnest: I decided not to include the image suggested on YKTTW since it didn't really crop that well. If there are other suggestions (with links), I'd be happy to upload them.

Bob: Bummer. I was looking forward to spreading the terror to other people.

Earnest: Well, you could suggest the "flashlight eyes" of the wight as a trope (creatures who'se eyes shine/reflect light like a wolf), then it'll be a shoe in for trope pic.
Some Guy: Was it really necessary to launch this so quickly? It had only been up for one day and had thirteen replies. Granted, I was the one who pointed out this was a How Did We Miss This One?, but still. Good call on the image, though. I disliked it, not for cropping so much as the fact that the fangs really aren't the most obvious thing in it.

Earnest: Sorry on the early launch, I set the days in YKTTW to 10 and went up from the bottom, so I assumed it was inactive for a few days. Still, saves effort sorting examples later I suppose. And yeah, the image's fangs/tusks are secondary to the hollow, soul devouring empty glowy eyes and withered skin, almost an artistic afterthought really (not that it isn't scary, mind).