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Looney Toons: "Baker Street Irregulars" is in fact the name of a long-standing Holmesian fan organization and is not a generic for Holmes fans. The Irregulars are quite strict about the scholarship necessary to be a full member — Isaac Asimov, for example, was so proud of the paper he had to write in order to join that he turned it into one of his Black Widower Club short mysteries!

Tabby: There are lots of fandoms where there are multiple factions (based on favorite characters or pairings) and each one has its own nickname (Harmonians, Rocketshippers, etc.). Worth mentioning here, deserving of its own entry, or best left unmentioned in the hopes that if we ignore them they'll go away?

Janitor: I would go with "deserving of its own entry". Something like Fandom. The simple fact is that a show that does not have a fandom just is not important. The factions are fun. People getting steamed up enough about minutia to form factions is an indication that they care about the show.

Tabby: Do Lost fans really call themselves "Lostaways"? I've only ever heard it referring to the characters themselves.

Fast Eddie: Yeah, I think Lost fans call themselves Lostralians.

BYW, what is the term for Avatar The Last Airbender folks? Avatroids? Bendies? .. Is there one?

Lale: On the Avatar page, it says "Avatards." I haven't sunk to that level yet. I think there's a difference between "fan" and "I wish I could create stuff like that."

Fast Eddie: Yeah. See, I can't back up anything that shortens up to 'tard. Because I just don't get the impression (beyond one or two now-gone folks), that Avatar folks are particularly, you know, "special."

Wiki: Guess its just one of those times where we use words with the full knowledge that its not nice. Its mostly thanks to this thing Gotta admit though, thats pretty much on the mark.

ralphmerridew: "Keenspotters" or "Spotters" usually refers to the artists who draw for Spot, not the fanbases thereof.

Fast Eddie: Ralph Merridew! Good to see your handle around here.

Looney Toons: Cambias, see the very first freakin' note at the top of this page: "Baker Street Irregulars" is not a fan nickname, it is the formal name of a fan organization with strict membership requirements. It is not used as a generic.

Seven Seals: Keep watching it, then. If someone makes this change for a third time, we're sort-of required to put in the Baker Street Irregulars thing as a common misconception.

DomaDoma: Actual Harry Potter fans do not call themselves Potheads. I also question "Narutards", as I've only ever heard it in a derogatory sense, but I'll leave that judgment to someone in the fandom.

DragonKazooie89 Would video game Fan communities also fall into this category, like "Starmen" (EarthBound/Mother fans, members of and "Pokemaniacs/Pokedorks/Poketards" (Pokemon fans)?

HeartBurn Kid: Took out "Hulkamaniacs" and "Chain Gang" because, unless I'm missing something, I don't think it counts if it's used in-canon first. :)