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BT The P: Okay, Unnillium, or however you spell that, if you're going to include some kind of in-joke, I and everyone else would appreciate it if it at least linked to some kind of explanation. "Rule 34" is the least Googleable reference I have ever laid eyes on in all my years of in-joking.

osh // Possibly a deviant art refernece, but shows up in 4chan a lot. Basically means 'Whatever it is, someone's drawn porn of it', usually in reference to obscure cartoons you remember as a kid and cannot possible expect anyone to remember or be improper enough to draw erotic art of.

BT The P: Okay, that's some good clearing-up. And true enough, from what I've seen.

Ununnilium: Yeah, I'll link to an image to clarify the entry.

Gus: Monster-sized clarification.

The Recreator: Since the El Goonish Shive website no longer seems to have a Fan Art section, I've replaced that link with an equivalent forum section link.

Izaak: I'm replacing the pic with something more....'whimsical'.