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Meocross: laughed my ass off at this trope to think it happened in Real Life Comedy Gold

Seth: There is no such thing as a semi-subversion, it was either subverted or played straight... or averted, or "Played with". We have a lot of things to do to tropes don't we.

Morgan Wick: And to think not that long ago Ununnilium, who edited but did not add that, was on a crusade against "semi-subverted" and its ilk!

Ununnilium: Actually, due to that crusade, I realized that there are, indeed, a few corner cases in which "semi-subverted" is appropriate. In the case of that example, I couldn't be sure it wasn't one of those cases, not having seen the episode, and felt it was better to be safe than sorry.

A good example of such is the "partially subverted" in the first example for Disney Death; the trope was used straight, but a way in which it could've been subverted was pointed out by the characters afterwards.

Seth: I cant say for certain not knowing where the example came from but that sounds aufully like Lampshade Hanging.

Ununnilium: It's similar, but goes further. It's a gray area, and I'm perfectly fine with using a gray-area term like "partially".

Lale: So, Citizen, what show is the picture from? Later: Thank you :)
Bob: Cutting:

  • Evie does this with Imhotep in The Mummy so that he'll stop doing evil magic against her brother and boyfriend. It's not quite the same as the standard Fake-Out Make-Out, particularly since Imhotep wanted Evie to kiss him, but it is still a badguy-thwart.

Because if it's done to a villain, it's a subtrope of Show Some Leg.