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Midas Mint: In the season 3 finale of The Wire there's a scene that shows Kima in some hardcore porn. Specifically, licking a nipple+. You can see the actress's face so you know it's not a double. This scene's definitely serves me as a fan but the show's a cop drama. What subcategory of fanservice would this fall under? Are there enough shows with scenes as-explicit-as-porn to justify a new trope?

Azukar: Ladies and gentlemen, did we all honestly forget Final Fantasy X-2? And I paraphrase: "Oh look, inexplicable hot springs at Mount Gagazet, which we completely missed all the other times we've been here! Why not take this opportunity to bathe in our bikinis and make all the straight male gamers cream themselves!"

Prfnoff: Took out the Blue Seed, Aoi Umi No Tristia and Daphne in the Brilliant Blue examples (again), since all are now more appropriately featured on sub-pages (namely, Panty Shot and Breast Plate).

The Unnamed User from said: "Faye Valentine, from Cowboy Bebop, may well be the first anime character ever created who was fanservice incarnate."

Looney Toons: Nope, nope, nope. Look at Misty May from Otaku no Video for just one example predating Faye by almost twenty years.

Tonkarz: This is listed as an Anime Trope, but it is known to happen in western animation and live action television as well, though mostly as the broader definition.

Silent Hunter: The CSI franchise is a particular offender in this department.

Calophi: Urm, guys, Papillion all sorts of does not have white hair. At all. Really, he doesn't. Also he's much more of a Magnificent Bastard or The Rival than he is a villain, even though in the beginning he seems to be on the villain side...

Citizen: Hehe, so many choices...

Ununnilium: Well-done on the pic, Citizen. Unlike most screen-captures with subtitles in, yours enhance the meaning of the picture.

Seth: Already Made of Win'd it.

Licky Lindsay: WRT to 300, male fanservice isn't just for female fans. I'm sure there are plenty of guys watching who like all those muscles too..

Ununnilium: How's that edit take you?

Lale: If the 300 example for one is female-targeted fanservice, should the entry's description be reworded?

Wiki: Towards that point, granted its the most predominant form of fanservice, why is sexual fanservice the only one described? Its still just one of several categories.

Silent Hunter: It's the most easily recognisable, IMO. The Mara in the Doctor Who episode "Gridlock" requires a large-scale knowledge of the show to get. "Trampoline" Rose in "New Earth does not.

Seth: Please please please stop putting in examples from the abridged series. Put in the example from the original series, then if you must put in that "This is parodied in the abridged series". They are funny for a while but it is not original, it is someone else's work and TAS is in no-way affiliated with that work. Please attribute plot points, characters and everything else to the original then mention that some american dude with the vocal range of a musical triangle made fun of it. /Rant over

Lale: If it helps, your opinion is shared by at least one other.

Seth: They are valid examples but the way they are phrased treats TAS as the origin rather than a gag dub. I don't mean to rant but so many have been popping up. Being X I'm looking at you :P

Sockatume: In the Aeon Flux movie, Aeon spends her off hours wearing very little, even considering that it's supposed to be the future. Are we to conclude that people in the future inevitably wear less on their time off?
Looney Toons: The image linked to in the Kim Possible example ( either does not exist or is unavailable through a direct link. Can someone who knows where it is put it up on the wiki proper?

Don Quigleone: I'm thinking Humongous Mecha is in itself a form ofFanservice(Long and detailed Transformation Sequence, cool mech designs etc.), for now I'll just add in Humongous Mecha, though it needs to be expanded upon (or eliminated if people don't agree). Cool can be fanservice.
  • @Don Quigleone- Faux Furry: It's what I expected to find in this section but instead it's mostly a bunch of stuff about different flavors of titilation. Why is some of the stuff that should be in Fanservice in Fan Speak instead if even remotely linked to it? Where are Cool Cars ? What about Crossover ? What about Stuff Blowing Up and extra blood and guts, possibly in a gratuitous fight scene in a non-action show like The Simpsons and Family Guy ? I get the impression that topless women ran someone's pappy off a cliff into his grave.

Silent Hunter: I've said it up-page, it's the most easy to get form. That said, a split is a seriously good idea.

Twin Bird: @ Faux Furry - Fanservice in general usually refers to fan titillation. The "non-sexual version" is mostly an invention of this wiki.

"A topless woman ran someone's pappy off a cliff into his grave?" How fucking much do you want to give yourself goosebumps, fripples, and sagging? Men like breasts. Even in cultures where there's no taboo of their exposure, men have a sexual interest in women's breasts - not necessarily looking at them, but in them. You've got to accept that, rather than regurgitating this Women's Studies bullshit as though halter tops were gulags.

Silent Hunter: @ Faux Furry- the word itself is of sexual meaning- look up "service" as a verb in any major dictionary.

Of all the types of Fanservice out there, this is by far the most common. If you go into any newsagents in most of the countries of the world, watch nearly any TV programme, watch nearly any film- it is there.

I don't especially like it- I think there's far too much of it about. My general reaction is "Oh, no, not again". My many additional entries on the subject are as a result of my ability to spot stuff.

Heterosexual men find breasts attractive. Fact of life. The same with gay men and heterosexual women on shirtless men.

I think we should split the non-sexual stuff into its own category- Fan Food is a possible title.
Lale: "nude bathing" — as opposed to what kind of bathing?

Cassius335: Usually when Katara is seen near water she's wearing enough material for a full set of curtains.

<random troper>: Would Flanderization count as Fanservice if it's done in response to a character's quirks becoming very popular with the audience?

  • In the comic section, you forgot to mention that Starfire also bathes nude in a lake in front of Animal man.
  • And, in the Wester animation section you forgot the following examples:
    • In Batman: The Animated Series, Harley and Ivy, in their eponimous episode, spend a considerable deal of time in panties.
    • In Catwoman: When in Rome, the title character gets nude almost every issue. First bathing and kicking the Riddle out of her hotel room, then in bed, getting waked up by the Blonde and falling into a river because of a bomb,and then, sunbathing topless to tease the Blonde.
    • In one episode of The Real Ghostbusters, Janine is wearing a tiny bikini at work because of the hot weather; in another, she is shown in the shower.
    • In the Justice League Unlimited episode Dark Heart, Wonder Woman puts the Atom between her breast to be able to fight.
    • In The Venture Bros., Molotov Cocktease is a living fanservise with a clevage that goes below the navel in the front and a butt-clevage in the back. Doctor Girlfriend has several fanservice moments, teasing the Monarch, Phantom Limb and Brock Samson with skanky outfits.
—T-man (btw, how do I sign??)

Cliché: Having already moved the "non-sexual fanservice" tropes to Pandering to the Base, would anyone object if I moved the "non-sexual fanservice" examples over there as well?
  • UPDATE: It hath been done, at least as long as this description stays about the erotic kind. The article would probably be overly long with the broader definition anyways.

Bring The Noise: Can someone please tell me what the first example under Western Animation is referring to? Season Three of WHAT, dammit?