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Fast Eddie: This...
This is an old device to imply wisdom... interesting. Plainly, it is a Nippon thing. When I see a character go all Magoo- sans -specs, I go to a "clueless" place. For the character, that is. For myself ... well, I just hang out here in Clueless Land, all the time.

Anyway. Some back-story on how squints became wise in Nippon-ville would be welcome.

Ununnilium: At a guess, linked to age and veneration of the elderly. (Magoo is a good example of it representing "old".)

Umptyscope: Would V from V For Vendetta go here?

ILP: I'm going to remove Naruto from the list because the entry isn't correct. He maybe does this for ~1 episode. The rest of the time, his eyes are open. In fact, it's almost the opposite.
Off Side 7: I thought Chichiri from Fushigi Yuugi had a magic mask? Someone seems confused as to how it makes expressions. Isn't this a case of A Wizards Did It?
Rooster: Why is it that the film Eyes Wide Shut redirects here?