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Ow My Eyes launched as Eye Scream Discussion: From YKTTW

Working Title: Ow My Eyes: From YKTTW

Justin Cognito: Holy crap! I knew someone else read those Strange Matter books!

Kilyle: Every time I think of this trope, I continue to think of it as Eye Squick (playing off "ice pick"). I don't suppose we could get a redirect to that effect?

Antheia: Done.
Rissa: Just reading this entry has made my eyes itch. Thank you. A whole new meaning for TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life.
random surfer: The first two examples come from Batman-related media. The 22-year-old comic gets a spoiler tag and the less-that-one-week-old film doesn't ?!? OK, it's a mook character in the film, but still.

Sean Tucker: The fact that the TDK example is the Joker's Establishing Character Moment in addition to being a meme, whereas the Dark Knight Returns example is right at the end of the story, probably had something to do with that.
anonymous guy: I've had my own eye scream moment. A friend's psychotic (as in antisocial personality disorder) neighbor pushed his thumb all the way into my eye socket, right hand side of right eye with his thumbnail facing out, and did not remove it until I declared him my better. It is more horrifying than you would think (which, for most people, is very high up there on the list of horrifying events). To this day if I see even read the slightest mention of eyescream it scares the sh*t out of me, but I can usually hide it unless its a visceral depiction (on TV or in a movie). The night after being reminded of the event I invariably have nightmares, I wake up in a cold sweat, sometimes repeatedly, throughout the night. If someone attacks you unprovoked, or with very little provocation (such as in asking them, nicely, to stop using your computer so that you can use it) then simply withstanding an initial attack (such as strikes to the throat and the groin) and apologizing for whatever you did wrong, might be tempting; even moreso if you are stronger than the attacker.....Don't!, violence is sometimes the answer, Don't turn your back on them, or else you might end up bargaining for your sight) I read this article, despite the fact that now I'm once again upset over the incident, in order to avoid television and movies that contain this stuff (its much worse to see it). Also avoid the national geographic channel, I was surprised to learn that the initial blow to my throat was a "self-defense" technique designed to kill. And then they showed an "upcoming segment" clip of eye gouging (pressure, but at least not thumb in skull, but still horrifying) Avoid people that others apologize for as having "anger problems" some might, but others might just be power hungry freaks. After cutting off contact with the "friend" that said that it was simply his neighbor's anger issues (after seeing him threaten to pull out my eyeball, with his thumb in the socket posed to do just that) and therefore refusing to kick him out. The next time I heard about was when he got in another "fight" and tried to manually, and then with his knee, crush his "opponents" testicles, and he also choked the guy until he turned blue. Apparently that is what happens when he attacks someone whom is weaker than him. But I still wonder if he damaged my eye permanently, but that is not really the worst part for me. It was the complete lack of power over being able to keep my vision, and my friend watching, too afraid of his neighbor to even kick him out afterwards (while I stayed up for the night, in the basement with my back to a wall, and my left eye focused on the staircase (the right one closed and weeping). I keep having the thought "I should have killed him then, it would have been easy enough, just grab his arms, and bite his neck; right where you take the pulse" It doesn't even seem like my thought, it's nothing like me, an idea like that usually disgusts me. It was so long ago, but everytime I'm reminded of it, it then seems like yesterday. I know, long crazy ramble, didn't even really help to type it(just made me think of it more), but it would hurt more for me to delete it myself. I know, not the worst thing (or even close) to the worst thing that ever happened to somebody. I just, I'm done. Feel free to delete this.

Kilyle: "Delete this"? Yow. Maybe tighten it up a little with some minor editing (and even that I question), but the experience itself deserves to stay here, because, if nothing else, you've just given a whole new generation of writers the ability to write new freaky Eye Squicks while establishing antisocial characters (not to mention totally uncaring friends... dude, that was an assault worthy of someone calling the cops on the guy). I appreciate your willingness to share this anecdote with us.

Kalle: fgnldfnhfjngf oh god that made me cringe SO HARD

also, the link to the One Missed Call poster leads to a hotlinked image, so if someone could fix that, that'd be peachy.

Orange Aipom: X3 Wow. That felt weird to read that.


Insanity Prelude: holy fucking shit man. I wish I hadn't read that... *shudder* terrifying.

fleb: If a Discussion page can have Mood Whiplash, then this one does. Netiquette Public Service Announcement from your local Single-Issue Wonk: That British-toddler-with-eye-cancer story that 'Cunny' added is going to expire, because it's friggin' Yahoo News, and they haven't licensed an article yet that they didn't delete a month later. Linking to Them abandons future readers to confusion and unsatisfied curiosity. I searched and found the original article from someplace called ITN. No idea where that photo came from originally, if not ITN; but, I did find a video about the story.
ced1106: Page needs categories.
Fly: Changed the picture to something a bit more comical and a lot less gory.

that troper: Changed the picture into something A LOT less comical and MUCH more disturbing. I hope you'll like it. Fly: Yeah, your picture is great. Disturbing, possibly the trope's Ur-Example, I love it. (Incidentally I had a dream once about a Licensed Game version of Un Chien Andalou for the DS. You cut her eye by drawing across the screen with the stylus.)

Inkblot: I was hoping that I would never have to think about that movie again. Thank you.

Bob: Saving the images here in case anyone is curious.

Man Without A Body: Can we go back to the Andalou picture? It's a far more famous and influential usage.

Thnikkafan: To be honest, I looked up the video, and it's not that bad. It looks like somebody cut a grape in half. (The fact that I didn't mind the Ur-Example might say something about my soul or lack thereof)
Antheia: Discussion goes here:

  • Of course, real retinal scanners would only work with living eyes, so detached ones wouldn't likely work.
  • Which felt rather lopsided. The whole reason he couldn't just get new retinas is because that'd leave detectable scars. So, scars are detectable, but rotting, dead eyes aren't?
    • All of which detracts from the biggest plot hole in that whole scenario: Anderton's old eyes still grant him security clearance even though the police department has already established him as an escapee, renegade and future murderer.
    • That's not a plot hole, but an example of a system flaw. Just because an officer is declared renegade doesn't void his security clearances. In Real Life this sort of thing happens all the time. Note that the problem wasn't corrected even after Anderton broke in.

Sotanaht Removed page quote from The Dark Knight. The scene it is said in and about definatly qualifies as an example, however, the quote does not work itself, as it has no reference to the trope, the use was visual. A description of that scene could be moved to the examples, however, there is already an example from the same source, so it isn't really necessary.

Broken Chaos: I think it was a perfectly good quote... It makes mostly anyone who has seen The Dark Knight wince. It requires some sort of context to be known, but it's not like there's not other quotes or pictures used in other articles, that require context.

Sotanaht that's what makes it a perfect example, and a horrible quote. Quotes are by definition taken out of context, and they need to be understood without any other context. There are many articles where the page quote does not actually come from a true example of the trope in context, but describes the trope perfectly outside of context, for example Killed Off for Real, point out another example where the quote requires context to make sense, and I'll kill that too. No where in this quote, that singular line of text, does it mention anything remotely related to the trope. Nowhere is the even the word eye even hinted at. Examples are where the context is. No one is ever expected to understand an example without seeing the source, the quote should help define the page for everyone.
  • also, the scene may not be a great example either. Since nothing is ever really shown or discussed, the Eye Scream only comes in when you think about it
  • The example is already there (now) relating to the scene, the discription does it much better then the quote ever could. Even outside of page quotes, if describing the action works better then quoting the line, why quote it?

Ray Ayanami: Can we change the picture back to the old one? Please? Please? *puppy eyes*

Caswin: I second that. It was the Andalou one, right?

Crowley: I liked the Un Chien Andalou picture much better than the current anime one. It summed up the trope (i.e. harm to the eyes) better.

Man Without A Body: Fourthed. Let's bring it back.

Caswin: The motion passes. *bangs gavel*

Were Josh Peck Prince: According to Jim Carrey the worst part of the grinch makeup he had to wear were the yellow schleral contact lenses. He describes them as being like knives in the eyes. At times he was unable to wear them during filming and they had to digitally colour his eyes in post production. He also felt so uncomfortable in the latex skin that they had an ex navy seal teach him torture resistant techniques. I heard Ron Howard say on a late night talk show that Jim at one time ripped the mask right off of this face, is this one true?

mikkeneko: I sort of feel that CLAMP should have its own sub-header. There are enough interesting (and gross) variations in the theme for it to be worth listing all of the examples, but that would make it pretty overblown for a single line example.
Pom Rania: Let's see how many stories/movies/etc I've started watching/reading/whatever because it was mentioned in this trope: Cowboy Bebop, Baccano!, Saiyuki (before I saw it on here, but same trope), Mushishi, Chrono Crusade, Speed Grapher, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Shoot 'em Up, the Flinx series, a series I can't remember the name of by Barbara Hambly, Chronicles of Amber, Farscape, Supernatural, Lexx, Deadliest Warrior.... And that's just all the ones I can remember that were on the page. Yeah, I have a bit of a thing for it.